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Molten Mortuary

"Molten Mortuary" by Sam Spruce (September 2011).

Molten Mortuary was produced during Sam's cling film period and was derived from the same piece of crumpled cling film as the work 'Lava' of the same period.  The image is dark and mysterious.  It conjures up ideas of molten metal, oozing mould, seeping blood and generally dark and morbid notions.  It has a thick fluid quality and is relatively consistent across the whole image.  For that reason it serves well as an alien surface texture or, faded, as a background texture for other works of art.  In itself it looks remarkably good at the right resolution on iPod cases or other such personal items giving a feeling of something you would rather not touch.

Here is the full canvas (so to speak) reduced by 67% for display.
Molten Mortuary full canvas

The original scan was manipulated in various ways.  It was first reduced to grey scale and then the image was copied twice.  The first image was coloured green, the second pink and the last was turned into the rich molten texture to be used as the base.  The two coloured versions were tweaked (a technical term) and combined with the third to eventually produce the finished work.

Details of three of the base effects used.
Molten Mortuary detail green Molten Mortuary detail pink Molten Mortuary detail grey

Here are 9 full resolution details of Molten Mortuary to illustrate the subtle diversity of the textures and balance within the whole work.  They would make a nice multiple piece wall hanging for the offices of an abattoir, mortuary or even a progressive undertaker.

Molten Mortuary detail 1 Molten Mortuary detail 2 Molten Mortuary detail 3
Molten Mortuary detail 4 Molten Mortuary detail 5 Molten Mortuary detail 6
Molten Mortuary detail 7 Molten Mortuary detail 8 Molten Mortuary detail 9

Molten Mortuary products are available from the online store at Zazzle. iPad, iPod and other cases are ideal for this texture and it makes a good poster too. Postcards or greeting cards are ideally suited as well.

Visit Toxic Drums' store at Zazzle.

Molten Mortuary Speck Case speckcase
Molten Mortuary Speck Case by samspruce
Molten Mortuary Mousepad mousepad
Molten Mortuary Mousepad by samspruce
Molten Mortuary Postcard postcard
Molten Mortuary Postcard by samspruce
Molten Mortuary Keychain keychain
Molten Mortuary Keychain by samspruce
Molten Mortuary mug
Molten Mortuary by samspruce
Molten Mortuary Magnet magnet
Molten Mortuary Magnet by samspruce
Molten Mortuary Poster print
Molten Mortuary Poster by samspruce

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