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"Lava" is a work of art produced by Sam Spruce in September 2011.

A delightful and evocative work of visual digital art, "Lava" is a rich gold and red abstract image conjuring the feel of red hot lava flow.  It was one of the original 'cling film' pieces.  The source material for this picture was cling film scanned into the computer via a common household scanner.  As with many apparently random forms the image is inherently fractal in nature.  Benoît Mandelbrot coined the term 'fractal' way back in the 1970's to describe an object which is self similar on all scales.  Typically coastlines, clouds and rock formations are all fractal in nature, as are crumpled cling film and lava flows (and as is, sadly, abuse in our culture!).

This is the whole of the original image reduced by 30% for display purposes on this web page.
Lava: The whole original picture

This is the original scanned image (reduced to 8% of its original size) and two details (at the original resolution).  The cling film was lightly crumpled into a ball and placed on the scanner.  The resolution was set high to achieve a reasonable source image to work from.

Cling film detail 0 Cling film detail 1 Cling film detail 2

The original was copied and a negative image produced.  These two images were then coloured red and yellow respectively and combined using filters to produce a composite of the two with high levels of contrast.  The colours were then reduced by a method of posterisation to produce the base texture below.

Lava: Development stage

After much experimentation with various effects filters and combinations the final visual effect was realised.  The image produced has a pixel size of 2006 by 1921 which at 150 dots per inch is about a foot square.  Below is a section of the original at the full resolution for your computer screen.  The rich folded plasticity of the image is delightful and tempts one to want to touch it and feel it.  A positively tactile image.

Lava: Detail

Here is a detail enlarged by 300% just to revel in the opulent oleic ondoyant organic qualities of the image.

Lava: Magnified detail

And here is an otherwise unpublished image produced in the process of experimentation which was rejected because it was too far removed from a 'texture'.  It is a rough hexagonal mosaiced version of an intermediate image.  It is beautiful in its own right and if you want a poster or product of this image please don't hesitate to email me from the contact page and something can be arranged.

Lava: A mosaic version

You can acquire items printed with this "Lava"design from Zazzle and here are a few examples which have already been produced.  You can, of course, create your own product using this design from within the Zazzle web site or contact me and I will organize it for you.

Visit Sam Spruce's store at Zazzle.

Fractal Lava Pattern card
Lava Gift Card by samspruce
Fractal Lava Texture print
Fractal Lava Texture Poster by samspruce
Lava Mousemat mousepad
Lava Mousemat by samspruce
Fractal Lava Pattern mug
Lava Mug by samspruce
Abstract Lava button
Lava Badge by samspruce

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