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Toxic Drums Art Gallery

Rather like the Tate or the Louvre this Art gallery has a number of different works of art.  Unlike the Tate or the Louvre they are all by one artist and there are not many of them.

But it is still a very interesting gallery.

In posh Art galleries you are not supposed to touch the pictures but here you can touch them or caress them if you like.  You can also click on them with a mouse.  If you do you will be taken to a page dedicated to the work of art with higher resolution images, details and/or some explanation or description of the work and its origin, purpose, significance or meaning.  You will also find out more about how you can acquire artefacts (as opposed to the previously mentioned arty facts) like t-shirts, mugs, greeting cards, postcards, stickers, fridge magnets, iPod cases etc. embellished with the art in question from our little gift shop.  Other places to find Sam's work include deviantArt and FineArtAmerica.

Lava Ebbing Tide

Molten Mortuary

Stone Flow Fukushima Blues

Mosaic Mandala in Blue Mosaic Mandala in Pink

Mandala Twelve Terracotta Mandala Twelve Topaz

Mandala Twelve Tanzanite Mandala Twelve Tourmaline

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