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Fukushima Blues

"Fukushima Blues" is a work of art produced by Sam Spruce in September 2011.

This is the image reduced by 50% for display on this web page.
Fukushima Blues: The whole original picture

Fukushima Blues was created by a process of computer manipulation of a source image.  The source image was produced by scanning some cling film into the computer.  A strip of cling film was folded about 6 times and laid on the scanner.  Although the cling film was fairly flat when the lid was shut the scan revealed a dynamic, rich and subtle pattern.  This is part of the 'cling film' sequence of textures that Sam has worked on.  Below are three images: the first is a reduced (14% of the size of the original) image of the whole scan and the second two are details at the resolution of the scan revealing some of the subtle differences in quality across the whole image.

Cling film scan Cling film detail 1 Cling film detail 2

The six images below are a section of the picture illustrating some of the evolutionary processes which resulted in the final piece.

Fukushima Blues detail 0 Fukushima Blues detail 1 Fukushima Blues detail 2
Fukushima Blues detail 3 Fukushima Blues detail 4 Fukushima Blues detail 5

Below is a 30% reduction of the full image with an area marked which is enlarged to the full resolution on the right.  It reveals in detail the rich and varied textures and colours in the final picture.

Fukushima Blues marked area Fukushima Blues deatail

As a special edition for this web site the image below is a variation of the original Fukushima Blues with an almost oil paint kind of texture applied.  It is the same section as illustrated above and makes an attractive work of art in its own right.

Fukushima Blues detail with paint finish

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Fukushima Blues mousepad
Fukushima Blues Mousemat by samspruce
Fukushima Blues Button button
Fukushima Blues Badge by samspruce
Fukushima Blues Mug mug
Fukushima Blues Mug by samspruce
Fukushima Blues Gift Card card
Fukushima Blues Gift Card by samspruce

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