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Ebbing Tide

"Ebbing Tide" (September 2011) by Sam Spruce.

Ebbing Tide is a beautiful example of abstract art.  It was produced on a computer by manipulating effects within PaintShop Pro from a scanned image of crumpled cling film.  This image has a lovely texture with a watery feel due to the contoured plastic finish.  With the contrast of subtle pastel shades of purples, blues and mauves interspersed with sandy shades from orange to yellow it gives the impression of that effect when the tide is ebbing on a sandy beach.  As if the wave has receded and the remnants of the last water are seeping down between the grains of sand to leave it glistening in the evening sun.

Here is the image reduced to 30% of its original size.
Ebbing Tide full image

There were many stages in the evolution of this image from the original near-monochrome cling film to the rich colours of the final rendition.  Here are six examples taken from different stages of the processes applied to the image to produce the final result.

Six stages in the development of Ebbing Tide.
Ebbing Tide detail 1 Ebbing Tide detail 2 Ebbing Tide detail 3
Ebbing Tide detail 4 Ebbing Tide detail 5 Ebbing Tide detail 6

Here is a section of the whole picture at full resolution revealing the beautiful abstract richness of the image.

Ebbing Tide - detail.
Ebbing Tide detail image

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Ebbing Tide Mousemat mousepad
Ebbing Tide Mousemat by samspruce
Ebbing Tide Postcard postcard
Ebbing Tide Postcard by samspruce
Ebbing Tide Mug mug
Ebbing Tide Mug by samspruce
Ebbing Tide iPod case speckcase
Ebbing Tide iPod case by samspruce
Ebbing Tide Magnet magnet
Ebbing Tide Magnet by samspruce
Ebbing Tide Poster print
Ebbing Tide Poster by samspruce
Ebbing Tide Keds Shoe kedsshoe
Ebbing Tide Keds Shoe by samspruce

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