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fractal abuse


Some people think that shouting is abusive behaviour.  No!  It is not the shouting that is abusive.  Abuse is abuse.  Abuse is defined in the Cambridge dictionary online as "to use or treat someone or something wrongly or badly, especially in a way that is to your own advantage"  If a teacher oppresses a child and the child shouts at the teacher then the abuse lies with the teacher.  It is simple but it is almost totally misunderstood.  Here lies another double bind.  A trick of authority.  Dolores Umbridge did it so well in "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"

What happens is that authority tries to establish itself by force.  But a tenet of the "benign" authority is that controlling people by force is wrong.  In order to maintain control and to "enforce" the rule of law the establishment allows itself the liberty of using force.  So far so good.  If the authority remains totally benign that might work.  The trouble is that society can hardly ensure that the law remains entirely benign because abusive people who want power can wheedle their way into positions of influence.

In order to maintain the perceived order in society it is necessary to keep a certain proportion of the population happy or at least content with the state of affairs.  This force keeps some checks and balances in place and if things are going well it seems to work to a degree.  But if the seeds of corruption creep into the governing body (and how could this not happen?) then the abuse starts to trickle down.

We are all aware of that nasty scenario where someone is more concerned to protect their own behind than to do the right thing.  This is because they are being threatened by some higher authority and so to avoid pain they are willing to apply some discomfort to the people below them.

We live in an abusive culture.  Abuse is fractal in nature.  (see a brief explanation of fractals).  Where all the abuse started is complex but whilst we are here today it is clear that the abuse in the culture engenders abusive behaviour in the population.  Each time one person is abusive to another it is adding to the whole.  The reason people feel it necessary to be abusive is precisely because they have been unfairly treated and are trying to either redress the balance or simply to avoid more seriously damaging effects on themselves.  People are inherently good.  They are benign by nature.  But a culture in turmoil will echo internally with abuse.  It is not a solution to find scapegoats and to "blame" them as if that will get rid of the problem.  (see I blame the parents and Philip Zimbardo's talk on the subject and his involvement in the Abu Ghraib prison trials)  It is reasonable to have mechanisms to prevent people from perpetrating more abuse but it is naive to think that a vindictive punitive system is a solution.  It is in fact all part of the abuse and will sustain the patterns of behaviour which are the abusive culture.  Going along with this system is colluding with the oppressors and maintaining their inappropriate power.  (see Pyramid Economy)

Stop the abuse where ever you can.

Cruelty to Children must stop. FULL STOP

Children's Help Line = 0800 1111
For Adults concerned about a child telephone 0808 800 5000
If you want to support the NSPCC click here --> NSPCC page

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