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5 May 2012
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fleisch animation
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Jonathan Blunsdon - vocals/guitar/drums
Rosie Lund - bass
James Evans - guitar

Fleisch is a band based in Oxfordshire in the UK.  Their music is mostly composed and arranged by Jonathan Blunsdon who is not long out of his mother's womb in geological time, and who looks like a cross between Phil Oakey of the Human League and Adolf Hitler of the Third Reich'n'Roll.  He has musical talent oozing out of every pore of his body.  Not a pretty image but then the sounds produced could never be described as pretty either.  There is something unique about this man's composition and rhythm.  With the plethora of new music, equipment, treatments, genres and artists which abound Jonathan Blunsdon still manages to generate a vibrant, haunting and emotionally disturbing audio texture that stands out as something exceptional.  The relentless drumming grips your very soul and drags it up from the depths of hell leaving you feeling exposed and exhilarated.  This is not music for the feint hearted but if you have the fibre to endure it you will be amazed at the power it transfers to your very being.  A few of the bands cited as influences are Marilyn Manson, Static X, Rammstein, Depeche Mode, Terminal Choice, Rouska and Oomph.  I would be tempted to trace the musical semiology back to Hawkwind, Ozzy Osbourne and even the Velvet Underground but then I would like to eat babies for breakfast and what has that got to do with the price of FLEISCH?

Having got that splurge of pseudo profundity or that slurry of pretentious profanity off my chest there are currently three tracks available on the internet by Fleisch: I W@nt, Disguised Pain and Strange Feelings.  They are all worth listening to.

Prior to Fleisch, when he looked like a cross between Philip Glass and a dalek, Jonathan was the creative force behind Kreig AK who were: Jonathan Blunsdon (guitars, drum programmes and keyboards), Robert Flemming (vocals) and Ben Hampshire (bass guitar).  The only track available on the internet by Kreig AK is the incredible Trapped.  The better sound version is available at and a live performance at .

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Keep your ears out for more by J Blunsdon Esquire because there is no doubt he is prolific and significant.  Remember - You first heard of him on Toxic Drums!

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