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 (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is Toxic Drums a new religion?
No.  Toxic Drums is not a new religion!  Religions require pompous self satisfied sanctimonious people to run them.  Sam Spruce is not pompous.  Toxic Drums is more of a replacement for religion.  It is more about taking a look at what we really know and admitting what we don't know.  The idea is to then work to gain knowledge in the areas that we can and to use the knowledge we have.  Toxic Drums advocates self reliance and cooperation, anarchy and democracy, atheism and spirituality.

2. Are these really frequently asked questions?
No.  It is a parody on many FAQs.  With many FAQs you go there with a question like "Where can I buy your product?" imagining that it is a frequently asked question and nowhere in the list of 235 questions does it address the issue.  However there are lots of questions that you can't imagine anyone asking like "How can I maximise my user experience with your product?" with answers like "Buy the latest 'add-on's from"  FAQs are usually very annoying and rarely funny.  So this attempts to break the mould and admits it is entirely dreamt up by Toxic Drums with facetious and fatuous answers.

3. Is this FAQ any use to anyone?

4. Can I get a question on this FAQ?
No.  This is an entirely private affair.  Oh well maybe.  In fact, on thinking about it - Yes!  You can email a question and I will put it on this list if I can think of a suitably ridiculous answer.  See the contact page.

5. Did anyone think of asking this question?

6. Do all answers start with "No"?

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