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Election Fever in Britain
This page is pertinent to the British General Election on 6 May 2010 but is an opinion about political elections in general.
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Random Voting is a seriously viable and workable option!
It's funny it should be referred to as election "fever" rather than excitement, panic, enthusiasm, or some other equally banal and inaccurate quality.  Fever is usually something which is unwanted, dangerous, caused by germs, pretty painful and if you survive a period of serious disablement it puts you back pretty well where you were before it started, if a little weakened.

Anarchy is not only the only way to go but it is what reality does whether we like it or not.  The only thing that we achieve by imagining (or rather letting a few convince us) that anarchy is dangerous and destructive is we hand over power to manipulative control freaks who then systematically oppress and enslave us (see Cascading Oppression) using the fact that they were voted into power as the rationalisation that in fact we are free.
The real reality is that we are anarchistic and by behaving independently, if we continue to uphold that inalienable right, we get the very best of humanity creating an environment which is conducive to being human on planet Earth.  Anarchy is not to be misunderstood as a heap of out of control people going berserk.  That is more like democracy.  Anarchy is not about not organising, it is about voluntary organisation.  If something is not working less people do it.  If getting the Hubble telescope into orbit appeals to enough people it will happen.  If killing Jews and disabled people in the second world war is really distasteful people simply don't do it.
Anarchy is taking personal responsibility for your own life and not handing control over to someone you imagine will "look after you" so you can continue to be irresponsible.  Handing control over to others is simply maintaining the condition of dependency into adulthood when we all know that we naturally move from dependent (on loving adults with luck) to independence and autonomy.
Electing egocentric, megalomanic, narcissistic, and generally psychologically disorientated individuals to run the country is overtly insane.  People power is a growing and viable alternative.  The internet is a vehicle for freedom and influence.  Everybody should be enabled to vote on everything and some people should have the job of carrying out the wishes of the people and NOT voted in to exercise their control OVER the people.

Politicians in Toxic Drums
Now here's an idea about how to cast your vote.  What you do is you close your eyes and take a stab at the voting form.  Open your eyes and if you have hit the form that is your vote.  If not repeat the process.  If your mark is in a space outside of any box then you have simply registered a "no vote".
Now if you are one of the faithful and you believe in a God (see God won't save stupid people) then you can rely on the fact that whether you understand reality or not there is a guiding force which will direct your hand to the correct place.  This way you are truly doing God's work and subsuming your ego to the will of God.
If you are rather more dictatorial yourself and you perhaps like Nick Griffin with his moderating influence on the British National Party you can rely on the fact that a purely random vote will give the BNP more power than the current system.
If you vote negatively (see Zyra's page on this), that is to say you try to calculate which party is more likely to displace the party you fear will win, then this method is a reliable way of keeping any party moderated to a sensible degree.  By applying the random vote method it becomes more important to politicians to have more people who are willing to run for office in more places around the country.  So ultimately the power will go to the people who believe enough in the policies of a particular party to actually work for the party and to do it for nothing unless they get voted into office.
Another thing it achieves is to render meaningless all the money and effort wasted on political advertising campaigns.  This puts millions of pounds back into the coffers and available for doing the good work of the elected enactors of the people's will.

There is also a serious point to all this.  They are currently desperately trying to frighten the British people into thinking that a "hung parliament" (oh how I wish) will cause disarray and instability and will prevent recovery from the financial crisis.  Who is stupid enough to believe that?  (Note the manipulative phrasing of that.)
It was the same argument that got Thatcher back into power in 1983 after she had spent the previous four years totally destroying the country, it's infrastructure and the mechanisms for social stability.  It was largely putting her back into power that has led to our current financial collapse.  The rational observation is that it is too much unified power in the hands of a few that has led to the financial crisis.
We need more answerability, more moderation and more reasonable policies, not more dictatorial control.  It is unbelievably ridiculous to see the playground in disarray and to vote for the manipulators to take control because we are frightened.  It is the manipulators that set the playground into disarray in the first place.
The vast majority of influential money is invested in the two leading parties of Labour and Conservative.  The vested interests that are supplying that money are doing it for self interest.  They are the very people who are not worried about the apparent "financial crisis" because they are actually running the show for their own power and influence.  (see the Pyramid Economy)  They don't care which of the two main parties wins because they have significant control of both of them.  What they don't want is a smaller party to win because they will have less hold over them.
As soon as Clegg's profile shot up the political chart after the first televised Prime Ministerial debate the two leading parties and pretty well all of the national newspapers panicked and started rubbishing Clegg and his party (see Don't vote for the bad guys) and have started the real fear mongering saying that a hung parliament will spell disaster for Britain.  Er no!  It will spell disaster for the people who are wielding the power behind the two main parties.
So to vote for the lesser of two evils (whichever way you lean) to prevent the chance of a smaller party (the Liberal Democrats) getting into power is insane and cowardly.  What happens is the bullies win.  And the bullies will always turn on you in the end.  So it would be a far better thing to vote Liberal Democrat simply on the grounds of diluting the influence of the megalomaniacs behind the scenes.

But random voting is even better than that!
Go on.  Give it a try.  You know you want to.
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