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In memory of DAVE GODIN

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Dave Godin of "Northern Soul" fame was a rare example of a passionate man who loved so much in his life it was contagious.  There is plenty of material on the internet if you want to know more about the man but I mention him here because of his love and concern for animals.

Before he died he was working on a project to put together all the very best rare and influential soul music.  The set of CDs is called "Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures"  They are highly rated by critics as you can see by reading some of the reviews written at the time of their release.
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He was passionate about all things good.  He was an atheist pro-lifer, he was an anarchist, a vegan and an animal rights activist.  His request, at his passing, was that rather than flowers and the like he wanted people to donate money to the Donkey Sanctuary.  The Headquarters are at Slade House Farm in Sidmouth, Devon, and surprisingly they house over 2000 donkeys in the UK and Ireland.  This is in addition to the work they do in the rest of the world.

The Donkey Sanctuary

So please take a look at the donkey sanctuary (you can click the image above) and give them some support in memory of one of the real angels that have passed through life in human form.


Animal welfare is a vital part of human activity.  Humans have a tendency to see themselves as the apex, the pinnacle, the zenith of life in the universe.  They do have a huge amount of influence and they have the opportunity to help all life forms in a way that no others have.  If you care to help in some way please consider signing the "Animals Matter to Me" petition below.

Animals matter to me

"Animals Matter to Me" is supported by over 350 organisations around the world.  It is hosted by the World Society for the Protection of Animals which you can find out more about by clicking the logo below.


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