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Reviews of Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures and more...
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In the final years of Dave's life he set about a project which he had been wanting to do for years.  I don't know if he knew he had cancer because he told me he had chronic fatigue syndrome.  I asked him once how he managed to do so much when he was so exhausted.  He said it was easy because all he had to do was a little bit at a time.  But the little bit involved travelling all over the world, talking to record producers, record companies, locating and visiting a number of obscure artists, and coordinating probably the definitive collection of influential deep soul music.  He was so delighted when the first CD was released and when the third of the four in the set was released he sent me this collection of reviews.  They are not available anywhere else on the internet and they are a testimony to the man and the collection of music.  If you want to buy these CDs there are also links at the bottom of the page.

The most acclaimed compilation of the year!
  • MOJO MAGAZINE: "Best Albums of 1997" selection listing
  • David Hutcheon (Time Out): The best soul compilation of all time (this is non-negotiable)...
  • Reg May (USA): Dave - God bless you. These are some of the best songs I've heard in my lifetime.
  • Bill Buckley - Blues & Soul (UK): Album Of The Week - It's simply an outstanding CD... has to be considered one of the most significant soul releases of recent years... If you purport to be a soul fan - I mean a real soul fan - and you buy only one album this year - buy this one!
  • Peter Doggatt - Record Collector (UK): ...the kind of record that changes lives... if this album doesn't touch you, then you're not alive. Album of the year? It has to be a contender.
  • Swamp Dogg (aka Jerry Williams) (USA): Great, fabulous, spectacular, awesome... pick one! The greatest compilation I've ever listened to in my life... You are a super bad mother fucker when it comes to compilations... There's not a living ass out there who's qualified to suck your dick when it comes time to rate the quality, balance, attitude and track selections of this masterpiece. A person could easily conclude that 'Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures Volume 1' is the only album they'll ever fucking need in life... all of this wonderful integrity, forethought and, let's not forget, love.
  • Chris Wells - Echoes (UK): Godin's search for the ultimate thrill in soul music inevitably led him to deep soul... Taking on 25 gut churning epics at one sitting may well be dangerous for your health... µµµµµ
  • Neil Spencer - The Observer (UK): Winning collection of Sixties soul rarities... Tears, testifying, heartbreak and harmonies; classic stuff.
  • Kevin McCardle (UK): Treasures is more than a masterpiece!
  • Phil Scott (UK): It is truly a superb collection of Soul recordings... The right words are hard to find to do the masterpiece justice, but it ranks head and shoulders above anything I have ever heard before and is a 24 carat work of art. It is the best Soul compilation album of all time... unsurpassable in its quality and beauty.
  • Jan Barker (UK): A marvellous, marvellous thing.
  • Steve Pilkington (UK): It possesses an emotional integrity and uncompromising approach that extends through all the tracks and the sleeve notes too.
  • Sharon Davis (UK): I have just spent the most wonderful of afternoons listening to a labour of musical love by my dearest of friends... Godin reigns once more.
  • Dave Rimmer - Soulful Kinda Music (UK): So what can I say about the CD itself? Immaculate will do for a start... Our world would be a much sadder place if it wasn't for Dave. Buy this CD now!!! Awesome!!!
  • John Clarke - The Times (UK): ...the quality is undeniable... direct, uncompromising and moving.
  • Doris Troy (USA): Every track reaches such a majestic level of perfection in the outer reaches of soul music that it leaves you sanctified and numb with gratitude.
  • Alan Smith (UK): A masterpiece... A fantastic achievement.
  • Dave Henderson - Q Magazine (UK): ...a breathtaking album...25 tracks of sheer emotional battlefield of raw soul.
  • Clive Richardson (UK): ...unforgettable, undiluted and ultimate in the annals of Soul anthologies... simply the best compilation you'll find... emotion and spirit combine to heart-stopping effect.
  • Stuart Cosgrove (UK): I will cherish it.
  • Kev Briscoe (UK): ...what can I say? It's everything I thought it would be...
  • James Cullinan - Finbarr Records (UK): It is a devastating set... In the emotional wasteland in which Deep Soul travels, Godin seems to recognise and revere the divinity that resides there... a divinity through which the wrecked spirit can find renewal and transformation... Emotionally this CD could take you to hell, but sometimes that's the only way to get to heaven.
  • Caspar Llewellyn Smith - The Daily Telegraph (UK): These are bruising songs, blacker than the blues... the performances are stunning throughout... these cathartic outpourings stand outside the vagaries of the pop market - even, like the most soulful of any kind of music, outside time.
  • John Lias - Mojo Magazine (UK): About two or three times a decade a record appears that is clearly vastly superior to everything else around. This is such a release. Art in a world where art is usually neither needed nor sought after.
  • J. Barr - Mojo Magazine (UK): Marvellous collection of hard-to-find gems.
  • Luciano Federighi - Musica Jazz (Italy): A masterful collection... extraordinary performances... and I can't wait for the second volume.
  • Jon Savage - The Guardian (UK): astonishing collection... makes you see the world in a different way... pursuing a taste to the point where it becomes a vision.
  • Tommy Barclay (UK): It's raw, it's direct, it's uncompromising. Soul that isn't cut off the roll. Dave Godin has tapped into the source.
  • Randy Cozens (UK): Back to a time when the tag R&B overspread black American music but the term SOUL was reserved strictly for such emotional excellence sung from the heart - mere words will never do Dave's compilation justice.
  • Laraine Bennett (UK): Honestly Dave, every single track is excellent, so deep... they really are exceptional.
  • Sheffield Alternative Magazine (UK): At last, a collection that has been brought together by someone who actually knows something about the music he's selling. This is real soul... a spine tingler.
  • Graham Finch (Canada): Absolutely fantastic!
  • Councillor Pete McLoughlin & Howard Middleton (UK): It really is amazing!
  • Tonio van Vugt - Zone 5300 (Netherlands): Deep disturbance of the soul... absolutely wonderful...
  • Chris Conroy - Soul Underground (UK): ...true quality in every department... an ear opener of a compilation...
  • Ed Ward - Jazz Radio (Berlin): Every track is perfect... just highlights how much buried treasure there is out there.
  • Phil Newton: Simply the best compilation ever. There is simply no doubt of that.
  • Leslie (Detroit, USA Internet Posting): Thank God crazed obsessives like Sir Godin have devoted their lives and untold piles of cash to unearthing these unheard classics.
  • Tom Wood (London, UK Internet Posting): Dave Godin, I am not worthy to lick your boots.
  • Margaret (Melbourne, Australia Internet Posting): This collection of genuine treasures gets better with each listening. If you miss hearing this wonderful collection, you're missing out on some of the finest soul music ever made.
  • Peter Shapiro - (Rough Guide: 100 Essential Soul CDs): The original Soul evangelist... Dave Godin is a limey R&B archivist you can trust.
  • Mike Ward - About Time Records (UK): Boring... monotonous... I just wish the dead-headed Soul fraternity would wake up.
Another acclaimed compilation!
  • RECORD COLLECTOR MAGAZINE: "Best Albums of 1999" selection listing
  • MOJO MAGAZINE: "Best Albums of 1999" selection listing
  • Philo Holland (Radio Sheffield): Devastating...
  • Tony Rounce: A wonderful experience... fantastic pieces of work that never fail to melt my heart and soul... It truly is 'Soul As Deep As I Like (And Then Some)'.. I hope it sells millions.
  • Andy Gill (The Independent): Dave Godin bestrides his chosen genre like a colossus... his annotations, meanwhile, are always informative and often inspired... even better than its predecessor.
  • Caspar Llewellyn Smith (Daily Telegraph): Vintage stuff, all of it.
  • Peter Doggett (Record Collector): ...another magnificent collection, which should tingle the nerve-ends of even the most jaded soul fan... By the end, you'll feel drained, but more alive.
  • Bill Buckley (Blues & Soul): Album of the Week... another 25 track blockbuster, hand crafted with love by soul doyen Dave Godin... If you're on soul's wavelength, I guarantee that each of these 25 track will move you... 'Timeless' is perhaps the best single word to describe the music on this compilation... Soul music is one of America's truly native art forms and on this compilation you can enjoy some of its finest achievements.
  • Chris Wells (Echoes): This is the kind of soul music that draws you in, makes you its prisoner and then causes you to love it so deeply it's able to tear you apart with a single chord change. There's no resisting it... µµµµµ
  • Dave Rimmer (Soulful Kinda Music): Magnificent... Long may you reign Dave...
  • Fred Dellar (Q Magazine): Volume 1 was superb. Volume 2... great re-mastering and a lovingly assembled, informative booklet... confirms that waiting for Godin can be a rewarding experience.
  • Phil Scott: For people like myself who can't get past track seven on Volume 1 of 'Deep Soul Treasures' without collapsing into an emotionally drained heap on the living room floor, I have some bad news - Dave Godin has done it again... Volume 2 is available. Maybe it should be re-titled 'Dave Godin's Deep Soul Masterpieces' and carry a government health warning. Ignore it at your peril... another bombshell of Soul.
  • James Cullinan (Finbarr): Even if a dozen volumes followed... I can assure you that the final volume would be as good as the first. 'Quality' and 'no-compromise' could be Dave Godin's middle names... We're talking wall-to-wall quality here.
  • Kingsley Abbott (Uncut): ... a second miraculous compilation... Godin's superlative efforts, with his impeccable choices and notes, have again brought perfection. So good they can save Otis Redding until track 17. µµµµµ
  • Laraine Bennett (Soul Up North): affects all your senses simultaneously; beginning below your waist, swelling your heart and swirling around your head - complete intoxication... buy this essential CD. Play it once - like it, play it twice - love it, play it again - you're addicated - for consenting adults only!
  • Geoff Brown (Mojo Magazine): Another 25 heartquakin' beauts... there's heartbreak aplenty... an album with no moments of doubt... a gem.
  • Martin Bril (Vrij Nederland): ..the most beautiful items from the archives... breathtaking... sensual... The ultimate human music, that is the soul which Dave Godin unlocks.
  • Lucy O'Brien (Diva): Lovingly compiled... intense, high octane, potent and heartbreaking...
  • Richard Gollin: The best new album I have heard in 38 years... Not a duff track on the whole disc...
  • Heard It Through The Grapevine Magazine (Hamburg, Germany): Dave Godin's liner-notes alone are worth the cost of these CDs... Deep Soul Treasures isn't just the soundtrack of his youth - it sets the standard for what music can be.
  • Steve Pilkington: ...opens up vast vistas of longing, loneliness, sadness, tenderness, compassion and, in a strange way, optimism - the optimism of the human spirit... magnificent...
  • Isaak (Chicago, USA Internet Posting): A fantastic collection of soul you've never heard... 25 great songs, inspiring liner notes, state of the art sound. And the warm feeling you get from listening to vocalists who are more concerned with showing their emotions than showing off their vocal technique.
  • Phil Newton: If it had only contained Lisa Richards' "Let's Take A Chance" it would have been worth it. Makes me feel 18 again.
Yet another acclaimed compilation!
  • MOJO MAGAZINE: "Best Albums of 2000" selection listing
  • John Clarke (The Times): ... a formula which works superbly. Quality soul of the highest order.
  • David Hutcheon (Time Out): Get on board, baby, this is another masterpiece... we will never hear anything as good as this again.
  • Doris Troy (New York): Thanks a million for all you've done and are still doing for Soul folks. You are a blessing to the universe.
  • Dave Rimmer (Soulful Kinda Music): Dave Godin comes in number one every time when you are talking about Deep Soul... an essential purchase.
  • Chris Wells (Echoes): ...the real soul fans amongst you are going to need the latest volume like you need water... heart-stopping deep soul music.
  • Jane Kitson (Radio Sheffield): Album of the Week. A real gem.
  • BBC Radio London Live: Album of the Week
  • Bill Buckley (Blues & Soul): Album of the Week. Serves to make the genre's definitions much stronger... to debunk the blinkered soul anorak's idea that "rare" always equates with "great".
  • Philo Holland (Radio 5 Live): Absolutely storming... utterly arresting, searching and wrenching stuff.
  • Martin Lilleker (Sheffield Telegraph): ... as fresh, exciting and rewarding as the first two... the quality never dips... beats any other compilation this year by a mile.
  • Caspar Llewellyn Smith (Daily Telegraph): Praise be for the third volume in soul archivist Dave Godin's outstanding compilation series... the stuff of adult life. Every one of the 25 tracks here is a knockout, testimony to Godin's impeccable taste. Essential.
  • David Dunn (Sheffield Star): ... enchanting, nostalgic and ultimately rewarding... a 25 track reminder of some truly great songs... classic cuts which slipped through mainstream consciousness.
  • Barney Hoskyns (Mojo): Another peerless soul jukebox, compiled with love and authority by one of the music's true connoisseurs. It's as deep as the ocean floor.
  • Gary Mulholland (The Guardian): POP CD OF THE WEEK µµµµµ Submerge yourself fully into these performances, and you'll find the truth they convey far more frightening than anything Marilyn Manson could dream up. It's faultless throughout... you feel inspired, not depressed, by the emotional display.
  • Graham Finch (Taiwan): Surpassed my high expectations and I thank you again for putting it all together.
  • Steve Pilkington (Stockport): I had my doubts that you could possibly live up to the sheer magnificence of the first two volumes, but you've pulled it off once again. 100% quality all the way through makes the album a stunning experience from start to finish.
  • David Nathan (Billboard): All the devotion and passion that Dave Godin has invested, from those early days with the pioneering Deep Soul label, is finally being recognised through these unparalleled compilations, clearly created with the same tender loving care that Dave has always shown for the music of Black America. Amen!
  • James Cullinan (Finbarr International): Predictably maintains the fabulous no compromise-on-quality for which Dave Godin is justly noted.
  • Frank Tope (Q Magazine): One to treasure. µµµµµ
  • Pulse Magazine: 25 tracks of stunning brilliance.
  • Colin Firth (Mojo Interview): I'm endlessly grateful for the whole Dave Godin project. It's like having your mate's trusty older brother guiding you through the archives.
  • Chris Bottomley (VH1): Dave Godin is a man whose dedication is downright contagious... prime examples of a genre...
  • Fred Dellar (Right Track): The whole series is incredible. Why Dave Godin didn't receive a knighthood after instigating this run of classic soul cuts is one of life's great mysteries.
It is a pity that the set of reviews are not complete for all four CDs but it was really good to read how acclaimed the Deep Soul Treasures were and it was a delight to know that Dave's ambition was not only coming to fruition but that it was also being so well received.
Phil Johnson, writing for the Independent, said of the 4 volumes of Deep Soul Treasures that "...[Dave Godin] created one of the towering monuments in the history of black music."

Here is a list of obituaries available on the internet:

The Gardian
Dave Godin - Champion of black music who coined the term 'northern soul'

The Independent
Dave Godin - Esperanto-speaking vegan who became an apostle of soul:

The Soul Walking web site has a beautiful piece about Dave at: Godin.html

Soulful Kinda Music is a web based magazine and has articles by Dave Godin and an obituary:

...and here are a few memorable and inimitable quotes from the man himself

Talking about being an R&B fan he said "I suppose it's like being gay. Everybody thinks they're the only gay person in the world until they realise there's more out there."

Speaking of David Blunket (an aquantance) "That man always had a whiff of Stalin about him."

Dave knew Mick Jagger from school and introduced him to American R&B. Dave felt it was ironic that the Rolling Stones were so famous as a result of his encouraging Mick's interest in black music. Dave also disliked Mick Jagger for a number of reasons and felt that he exploited black music. Dave was with Marvin Gaye one day when Mick Jagger asked him to introduce him to Marvin and Dave famously said "Fuck off and introduce yourself."

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