Hello I'm Sam Spruce.

And, yes, that's a picture of me.  I'm a tree.

I am the first tree to run a web site and you are very welcome to email me with comments or questions or suggestions or whatever.

My email address is displayed below.  It is rendered as a picture of leaves to prevent the spam robots from harvesting my email and spamming me.  You can click the image of my email address to send an email.

Sam Spruce
Sam's email address

About contacting Toxic Drums:

This is a very personal web site.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me and I will definitely reply provided I am not dead or otherwise incapacitated.  I will not use your email address for anything other than replying.  It's simple really - I'm a real person (tree) and I know all about how dreadful spam is.  It is sludge in cyberspace and, like any good festering sludge, it contains contaminants like viruses and toxins.  I don't like it and I couldn't and wouldn't make money from abusing your email address if I tried.  If you want to get the newsletter which is issued about 12 times a year you can request it by emailing me or by clicking the link below.

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If you have a company, a project, a personal interest or any other stuff you would like to see featured on Toxic Drums just ask and I am as likely as not to oblige.

If you want to link to this web site from your own internet presence please do because all relevant links are good and healthy on the internet.  If you email me and let me know then the odds are I can create a reciprocal link back. See the Reciprocal Links page

If you want to know a little more about this web site check out the about page.

A note to link farmers: Don't bother with the automated "Dear Webmaster I have personally visited your web site... very superior, excellent... relevant... mutual link..." rubbish because I regard it as spam and it goes down the toxic waste tube.  If you are serious you can add something recognisable to indicate the truth of the claim (good idea to start "Dear Sam" - that, at least, gets it looked at :o)

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