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Conspiracy Theory Coincidences
worl trade senter cathederal
Conspiracy theories abound.  Most people don't believe in them and with good reason.  Conspiracy theories are typically overloaded with speculation and imagination.  Bizarre explanations and "facts" are presented from a multitude of seemingly crazy individuals.
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But... Conspiracy theories are necessary.  Conspiracy theories fall into that category of speculation and hypothesis that is a perfectly healthy and important part of the scientific process and the enquiring mind.  Without conspiracy theories one is left with the assumption that everything is as the current prevalent cultural perception expects.  In the modern world one is left with what the media present and the media are subject of a lot of conspiracy theories too.
Provided you are busy looking after your life, going to work, dealing with bureaucracy, attending to the consumer issues, the legal issues, the junk mail, the latest phone, the latest operating system, the latest fashion... So long as you are rushed off your feet and booking the holiday and generally exhausting yourself just trying to stand still in the ever escalating rat race... So long as you are suitably occupied and distracted you simply don't have time to indulge in speculation.  Who cares if the bully paid a hit man to do over his grandmother's gardener who happens to be the school caretaker and knows about the bully's attempts to pilfer from the grounds maintenance budget.  At the moment the only concern is to keep out of the bully's way.  There is virtually no capacity left to figure out the greater picture.
But we all know when the bully is bullying.  We all know that we should stand against the oppressive, aggressive, abusive control of the bully.  The irony is that occasionally the bigger bullies scapegoat a smaller bully when there is either danger of losing control or simply to maintain the hierarchy because it is their method.  The unfortunate saps who are the general public cheer and delight in the bully getting his/her just deserts.  They revel in the perverse punitive attitude and thank the Lord there is justice and get on with their lives.
So does it really matter?
Fundamentally it does.  It matters because we are human.  It matters because we want it to matter.  If it is acceptable for a human to treat other humans in a way which takes away their humanity then by definition humanity is not what it was presumed to be.  Jean Paul Sartre pointed out that if there is a definition of sin then it is self contradiction.  If a human acts in a way which is anti-human then it is by definition self-contradictory and simply leads to the termination of "humanity".  Not just philosophically but probably in material fact too.
So when it comes to conspiracy theories it is fortunate that there are some people who exercise their minds trying to figure out alternative explanations for events other than the presented "history".  But all too often their theories are just that.  Theories, speculation, imagination.  And the problem is they don't seem to make sense. Well of course they wouldn't ... YET!  Then comes the next distracter.  "And anyway, what can we do about it?"
Since the invention of the printing press it has been realised that a serious threat to the controlling few is information.  For a long time (a ridiculously long time) the bible was only published in Latin.  The reason for this was the continued attempt to withhold information from the controlled people.  The advent of the internet presents the very real possibility of more information being available to more people.  This is a serious danger to the current authorities and ruling classes around the world.  With the advent of the "media" age, largely post World War II, and the onset of investigative journalism and the freedom of the press the authorities found it harder and harder to maintain their divisive and ruthless behaviour.  The consequences have proved beneficial to many people but the press has become a monopolistic stenographic tool of the authorities.  Not entirely but it has moved significantly in that direction.  The same thing is happening to the internet.  It is not always obvious how these things come about and to suggest that there is an evil mastermind plotting behind the scenes is to miss the point.  It is the controlling attitude that prevails that influences the laws and the practices which develop and grow and embed themselves in the very fabric of the medium.
The uncensored free flow of information on the internet is profoundly important.  It may seem harsh at times to accept other peoples' rights to publish what they like on the internet but if we want to actually deal with reality then we need to look at it.  It is no good trying to sanitise the communication to look like a world we wish we lived in.  The only way to influence the world in a desirable way is to know it for what it is in the first place.  Conspiracy theories form part of that real world.  Conspiracy theories are the constant attempt to see if there is more than meets the proverbial eye.
One of the serious difficulties with some conspiracy theories is the believability of the theory.  It seems to lack reliable evidence and the evidence it has does not essentially prove the theory but rather suggests it.  There is a conceptual problem here.  The "facts" are elicited from a cultural mind set.  A cultural paradigm.  A "way of thinking".  That way of thinking holds those facts in a conceptual bubble.  They sit in the mind held together by the current neurological network.  They are bound by the current way of understanding things.  Conspiracy theories are by their very nature an attempt to get a different view of events.  With the current view it is only possible to make sense of the theory if some other factor like an evil mastermind is put into the equation.  But such a devious, consciously malicious mastermind is not really a believable notion.  Occasionally someone in power is nailed and an aspect of the evil is identified and they are dealt with.  But to suggest the American Government planned 9/11 so they could go to war in Iraq and Afghanistan just doesn't seem to cut the mustard.  It doesn't make sense because of a variety of factors.  In part we can't quite believe that one individual or a group can be that devious and treacherous.  Another is that the way we deal with such an impossible notion is to demonise other people or groups in history like the Nazis.  But this leaves us with the obvious fact that the American Administration simply isn't like the Nazis.  All this "thinking" is going on with a current paradigm that largely is the consequence of the current culture which is being "conformed" to by the "elected" government.  This attempt to understand things is happening with the very software in the brain that is the product of the culture.  It is what can best be termed a cultural paradigm.  But the Nazis were not those evil people they are consigned to be.  This is a profound problem with simplifying things to this degree.  By not understanding how real humans could behave in a way that resulted in the holocaust we dehumanise them.  By dehumanising them we have no way to understand the American governments relationship with 9/11 without dehumanising them too.  And they are clearly not like the picture we hold of the Nazis.  All of this is happening in a brain that currently works with the prevailing cultural paradigms.  The double bind in psychology is a good example of how a mind gets trapped in an inescapable knot when it can't rise to a higher level and see the context of the paradox.  (And incidentally there lies one of our definitions of madness.)
america under attack headlines
How could it be possible that the American Government actually plotted and executed the 9/11 tragedy of the World Trade Center?  There is a very conceivable explanation.  But it takes a bit of a journey to understand.  And this journey also illuminates numerous other "conspiracy theories" like the assassination of J F Kennedy, the murder of Princess Diana, the faking of the moon landings and more.  This journey does not conclude that the current theories are simply correct but rather illuminates a higher understanding of what is going on.  They all begin to make sense.  And most importantly the question "What can we do about it?" starts to be answerable.
The journey begins with understanding what it is to be human and how we operate and conceptualise our world.  That is a task that has baffled philosophers for generations but there are good starting points.  Having understood how we operate the next stage is to take a look at the facts.  There are facts which seem to make sense and there are facts that seriously don't seem to make sense.  But ultimately all facts make sense so if they appear not to then there is something we are not understanding yet.  The next thing to do is to re-evaluate our own experience of life.  Another seemingly daunting task.  Then, with slightly improved conceptual paradigms a re-examination of the facts will reveal interpretation and meaning which were previously unavailable.  Sounds a little like a mystical revelation.  In some sense it might be.  The significance is that we can move forward and make more sense of the world and by so doing we can interact with it more successfully.  And by definition that means we will be better off.
Here are some thoughts on the strange coincidences of the American military holding hijacking exercises on the same day and in the same area as the 9/11 attacks and a British security exercise simulating attacks on the same London underground stations and the same day as the 7/7 attacks occurred.
world trade center towers burning
The conspiracy theory is that the World Trade Center incident was a staged event by the American Government to enable the invasion of the Middle East (and some).  A lot of folk simply dismiss this as fiction but it is a thought and should be examined especially when you consider the larger picture of world history and wars.  The official desired perception driven by a lot of effort by the US government and its allies is that a bunch of religious fanatics conceived and executed a dastardly plot to hijack passenger planes and fly them in a suicidal mission into the World Trade Center towers and a number of other targets.  This does have an air of incredulity about it but the shock and fear generated by the event also leads to a defensive reaction which leaves doubt about the reliability of the theory in the dust whilst the action in response simply assumes the validity of the unexamined interpretation.  This, in turn, bolsters the theory by repetition and consensus.
world trade center street view
Almost in a panic reaction a lot of people raise the issue of the possibility of it being an inside job.  This is probably born of the gut reaction to the perceived interpretation that the US government is an unholy alliance of rich and influential power mongers.  A natural reaction from anyone who has been on the wrong end of their oppression.  And a reasonable supposition by any historically aware thinking individual.  So the theories start flooding in:  The planes were empty and the passengers were kidnapped and destroyed elsewhere.  The buildings were preset with demolition charges to ensure the towers collapse both for effect and to hide any evidence.  There were no planes it was all done with 3D holograms and missiles.  Shape-shifting extraterrestrial humanoid reptilians did it.  Ad infinitum.  The trouble with this kind of thing is that the hypothesis that might explain how it was done are examined and in too many cases they are found lacking.  The sad result is that the first obvious and "claimed" explanation is reinforced as each new hypothesis is discarded.  It becomes a distraction from the fact that the "official" explanation should also be questioned with equal rigour.  Conspiracy theories have a grave consequence of giving credibility to the "official" story.
US Flag
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But the "official" story needs the same scrutiny.  Not least because it simple isn't credible either.  There are a lot of people who are not so easily dismissed as crazy people who have investigated and commented on various aspects of the 9/11 incident suggesting there is more going on behind the scenes than we might like to think.  One such exposé is the now popular book "The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11" by David Ray Griffin.  David Griffin is a retired professor of philosophy of religion and theology and the title alludes to the reference in the "Project for the New American Century" (PNAC) document "Rebuilding America's Defences" in a section entitled "Creating Tomorrow's Dominant Force" with signatories such as Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney where it states "Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event––like a new Pearl Harbor".  On the subject of Pearl Harbor many have suggested that the 9/11 incident was "used" as the New Pearl Harbor rather than created as such.  At that level of distance from the conspiracy theory it seems far more plausible but it cannot simply be accepted given both the expressed desires of the influential political elite and the blatant illogicality and disconnectedness of the subsequent events.  But the question still remains as to "how" could all these people be involved in a conspiracy to bring about such a world changing event.

wtc dust park
Part of the problem is the way we think of things.  It is not a coincidence that many pop stars know each other.  In television chat shows they are endlessly "name dropping" although, of course, they don't need to.  The reason pop stars frequent the same expensive clubs is not because they simply want to spend a thousand bucks on a bottle of champagne but rather because they can and most other people can't.  It is a place they can go where they won't endlessly be harassed and asked for autographs.  They have something in common with others who frequent those clubs and so they get to know some of them.  There is a social network forming.  The same applies to gang leaders and mafia style organisations.  They all know each other because of circumstance.  They are like a bunch of school children in a playground.  They don't "like" everybody in the playground but they do know many of them and they do have alliances and friends.  The same is true of the rich and powerful and the politically powerful people around the world.  This is why things like the Bilderberg Group are of such concern and why the likes of Alex Jones of work so hard to expose them (see: Bilderberg exposed),  To try to think of the political elite as sitting around a table plotting the World Trade Center incident in a simple timeline sequence of cause and effect in order to achieve a malicious objective of theirs is not how it happens.  It is not that the American Government simply puts on one face and then goes behind closed doors and hatches a totally different plan.  It is not like that at all.
smoke over new york
Consider the mafia having issues with various other gang bosses.  On the whole they maintain a status quo.  There is some friction, some cooperation, some alliances and some outright battles.  Imagine one group making a deal with another group to minimise the rise of a third group.  The clearly more powerful group liaises with the second group and understands their interest in opposing the third group.  They make a deal: "You hit them and we will move in and clear up."  Remember, the first group, like all of them, wants more power and wants to quell threats.  Now the first and second groups are not friends but they have this unholy alliance because of a common interest.  We are talking about the American Government (and its allies and allegiances - Bilderberg, Neoconservatives, Europe, New World Order, Globalisation, etc) and Al-Qaeda with the renegade Osama at its head, and the Middle East with its oil supremacy and the issues of America's foothold in that region called Israel.  Osama is a bit too much of a fundamentalist and he is a sucker for the machinations of power on a global scale but he is useful to the Americans.  Osama bin Laden is, in a way, part of the world power elite.  Osama is the son of Mohammed bin Laden who was the patriarch of the wealthiest non-royal family in Saudi Arabia.  Osama was fighting for the Mujahideen in Afghanistan back in the 1980s against the Soviet Union (America's cold war enemy) and was funded by the Americans as part of a $600 million per annum support arrangement.  His organisation grew in strength and eventually evolved into the now infamous Al-Qaeda.
Now imagine this "pact", this "arrangement" this "deal" that is hatching.  Like any good transaction between individuals who know how untrustworthy each other are they are very cautious about how they proceed.  To keep this short the elite in Washington are going to ensure that they have insurance against the events going wrong.  It would be counter to their objectives if they could in any way be seen to be involved in such an act.  They cannot simply let Al-Qaeda run the show.  Al-Qaeda might decide to perform the act and, for example, fly one of the hijacked planes away full of American citizens and hold the USA to ransom with the information that this was orchestrated by the Government.  It's going to be an extremely tightly run military style operation.
Washington: "So, Osama, the plan is that you will enter the playground at 8:30 precisely and walk over to Joe and kick him in the gooleys and run.  We'll rush out of the classroom at the noise of the commotion and attend to Joe making out how sympathetic we are to the terrible bullying that goes on.  We will then crack down on Sadam's group because after all he is the same colour as you and you are all from the same mould anyway."  Washington will warn Osama that they will have members in the playground around Joe making sure that Osama carries out the plans as agreed.  If there is the slightest suspicion that anything might go wrong Washington will have a plan ready to wreck the whole situation, probably knobble Obama and still get all the benefits afforded by this dastardly plot.
world trade centre ruins
So Washington stages a military exercise in the Northeast Air Defence Sector of the U.S. simulating multiple hijacked aircraft (see:  They are exactly primed and ready to take immediate action if there is even a hint of anything going wrong.  The fighter jets are unusually fully fuelled and armed with live missiles.  The pretext for this is that Russian planes might invade the airspace and they want to be ready to escort them back to their airspace with a credible threat.  But when the World Trade Center is hit the resulting response of the military is surprisingly slow.  Just about every excuse in the book has been used to "explain" this incapacity to respond.  The plane that hit the Pentagon had been tracked as a known hijack for about half an hour and there were two military planes clearly focusing on the Pentagon during the time that Flight 77 crashed into it.  One was a C-130 transport plane (incidentally also used for heavy ground attack armaments) and the other, amazingly, one of only four E-4B's (a modified Boeing 747 used as a mobile command post for the President or whoever and which is equipped with state-of-the-art direct attack capability) with the call sign "Venus 77".  The same C-130 is strangely reported as 17 miles away from Flight 93 when it "crashed" at Shanksville Pennsylvania at 10:03 hrs.  Was it is just possible that Flight 93 was not following the "plan".
world trade center roof top view
The thing to remember is that people don't get into positions of power unless they understand how it all works.  That is not so much to attribute them with super human intelligence as to suggest that they "conform" to the powers that be and get drawn in or accepted by the "establishment".  The way they think and the compromises they make, the discretions and confidentiality that they maintain are all part of the "game" of being high up in some organisation.  The people running the U.S. are not naive.  They are power mongers and manipulators.  They do feign ignorance of certain events.  There are even laws to constrain their behaviour when it comes to secrets.  In a way they are professional and highly efficient paranoid individuals.  For their compliance and willingness to go along with all sorts of small discrepancies and some larger ones they are very well rewarded.  The population as a whole actually wants someone else to be capable of being ruthless on their behalf.  If the people in power were not able to maintain control in difficult circumstances the American population or the Europeans, or any large group would not be very pleased with their leaders.  There is a strange collective desire that things like honesty and justice prevail and the hierarchy gain consensus and power by appearing to maintain those values.  By this method one hopes that those values can develop and grow but there is always the risk that the corruption can get too severe and serious evil can prevail.
It is important not to attribute any "conspiracy" theory of this magnitude to one individual.  The conspiracy is made up of very many smaller parts.  The problem is not so much in the individuals but the acceptance of these values like secrecy (disguised as discretion) and brutality (disguised as strength) in our culture in the first place.  It is also important to not get distracted by the detailed defence.  When someone has been thrown off a cliff it is no defence for the perpetrator to say they didn't know that the particular rock the victim hit was there.  The focus of attention has gone to the wrong place.  By arguing about whether they knew that particular rock was there then there is the danger that when you establish they didn't know it was there you might conclude there is no evidence to convict them.  In the case of 9/11 the overall picture is that there is certainly enough preparation for such events and billions of dollars are spent maintaining the very sophisticated defence mechanism.  The fact that it failed so totally to prevent any of the attacks that day begs the question "why?"  When coincidences like the military exercise occur and people point to it as "something strange" going on there is a tendency in not understanding what was going on to dismiss the claims that it suggests anything as "daft people coming up with conspiracy theories."  If one understands what it achieved there is a tendency to give it more credence.  Is it also a coincidence that on the day of the 7/7 underground bombings in London in 2005 there was a security exercise based on simultaneous bombs going off at exactly the tube stations where it really happened?
Some of the pictures on this page are "found" objects from the internet around the time of the World Trade Center disaster. They are part of our cultural history and thank you to whoever originated them. If you are the owner of any of these pictures please let me know by emailing me from the contact page.  Either I will attribute the copyright to you or remove the picture if you wish.  

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