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COINCIDENCE 1: Four Dinners Is Back
24 December 2010
Four Dinners Ska Boy
Julian Assange Four Dinners
I have to call this coincidence number 1 because it seems risky to simply call it "coincidence" when I fully expect another one to turn up one day.  And then my imagination runs away with me and I foresee a cascade of coincidences and wonder how I will categorise them.

Being currently interested in Julian Assange I duly typed it into Google and decided to select "images".  The third image (stolen (and linked back to the original (well probably equally stolen) image) and now displayed on this page) was one I hadn't seen before so I arbitrarily clicked on it and found myself at  An odd looking web site with a weird Blues Brothers style old bloke in a modern oak looking parquet floored living room.  I liked the attitude and the novel take on the Julian Assange/WikiLeaks saga.  It's short and worth a read for simple profundity masquerading as entertainment.  And entertaining it is too.  I was so impressed I wrote a comment.  Sometimes I'm pleased with my comments and felt quite chuffed with this one.  I left my name and web site address.  I went and did a bit of laundry and on my return I decided to put a link to this off beat blog called Four Dinners Is Back on Toxic Drums.  So I thought I'd better roam around and find out more about the place.  A bit of surreptitious investigation.  To my utter surprise on viewing the front page (if that is what the front page of a blog is called) I saw an image of myself staring right back at me with the capitalised words TOXIC DRUMS above it.  Recovering from the shocked recoil I read the blurb under the image and it said "An extraordinary site I've just discovered and loooooove!!!! GO THERE!!!! NOW!!!!!"  Hey - what the f**k is the universe playing at now?  How did that get there?  I rapidly rummaged through the entrails of the past half hour of my conscious life but could find nothing but the coincidental fact that I had selected an image of Julian Assange from Google to arrive at Four Dinners!  I shook my head partly to clear it and partly as a nervous twitch as my brain began to question the illusion of reality that was disintegrating in front of my metaphorical eyes.  Maybe the web site owner had just seen the comment and investigated from there.  Maybe there was some rational causal explanation.  But the blog entry was dated two days previous to this encounter.

So there you have it.  On the 22 December 2010 a guy from somewhere in little England encounters my website and more than that he likes it enough to put a significant link on his web site recommending Toxic Drums.  Two days later on the 24 December 2010 Sam Spruce (equally from little England) randomly encounters his web site and likes it enough to put a link on his web site only to find that the random little guy from England (sorry, that's the English guy from Little Random) has already gazumped me by previously reciprocating the compliment.

Coincidence number 2 will be linked here when it happens (or I remember a noteworthy one).

And in the best possible taste I would like to say that his web site is worth keeping more than a metaphorical iron.

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