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Children Services Abuse:
The start of the Stage 2 Investigation.
26 November 2011
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The start of the Stage 2 Investigation.

The whole affair is illuminating the utter shambles that is the Children Services in the UK.

Having been unacceptably abusive from the outset, the Children Services excelled at the cascade of relentless incompetence they exhibited in their dealings with the Hooks.  Having failed to complete their official investigation they failed to operate the complaints procedure and on attempting a mock Stage 1 complaint by having a meeting they failed to act on it.  They then misrepresented the facts to the local MP but reluctantly agreed to instigate a Stage 2 Independent Investigation.

The Complaints Officer (Mark Hughes) and an Independent Observer (Lucille LeSueur) had a meeting with Dave at his abode on Wednesday 2 November (well over a year since Dave first complained).  Dave felt they were unprofessional as they had not even seen the 20 page complaint.  How serious are these people?

Mark dutifully asked a few questions and wrote copious notes.  Although Lucille was supposed to be an observer she happened to do more talking and enquiring than Mark.  Incorrect though this was, Dave did not object as they both seemed quite nice people.  Mark explained that he would write up "the complaint" and email it to Dave to check, amend, print out, sign and send to the Complaints Manger.  He requested an electronic copy from Dave so that he could get started on it but explained that they could not officially begin the investigation until they were in receipt of the signed copy.

When Dave received the proposed complaint via email on Wednesday 9 November 2011 he began to read it.  Making one or two amendments he continued and found himself rereading bits, altering them, checking the facts, editing it and ... stopped.  Dave realised that he was going to have to do Mark's job for him and rewrite the whole document.  He spent the next five days rewriting it.

Dave decided that one short sentence in brackets stating (This document summarises and should be read in conjunction with Mr Hook’s statement of complaint dated 13.07.11) was not good enough.  The fact is that that document IS the complaint and there should be no need for a NEW Stage 2 complaint.  But, following their protocol Dave simply added  "... which is included in the attachment.)"  and attached all the most relevant documents in an indexed "Attachment" to the Stage 2 complaint.  That should facilitate anyone wishing to delve a little deeper in a serious attempt to actually consider the issues raised.

It took some time to copy all the documents and to put them through the printer to give them an 'Attachment Page Number' but it was therapeutic mindless repetition after all the effort Dave had invested in the Stage 2 complaint document.  In total the new complaint was comprised of the 13 page new 'summary' of complaint, 30 pages of correspondence, 20 pages of the '20 page complaint' and an index for the attachment.  64 pages in all!

Dave emailed the edited 13 page 'summary' to Mark on Monday 14 November 2011 requesting his approval and after four days of no response decided that the man was incompetent and so proceeded to sign and post the 64 page complaint with a covering letter to George Trevithick, the Complaints Manager.  This was done on Friday 18 November 2011 and the registered mail was signed for by the Complaints department on Tuesday 22 November 2011.  So that IS the official start date for this Stage 2 Investigation and Dave retains proof of delivery.

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