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Children Services Abuse:
The total fiasco of a Stage 1 complaint.
8 November 2011
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The total fiasco of a Stage 1 complaint.

This page includes an explanation of events and the relevant communications that made up the total farce that was an attempt to perform a Stage 1 complaint (281 days after the first letter of complaint on 25 October 2010).

As an aside it seems that these people should be in jail or a mental institution but they certainly should not be allowed to roam freely amongst normal human beings let alone be paid huge sums of money as authority figures.  It really is like the bullies in the primary school playgrounds of the 1950's.  They are playing at being boss ... but for real!  They are overtly inept and incompetent.

As a consequence of the 2 August meeting with George Trevithick (the Complaints Manager ) Dave agreed to have a meeting with the Head of Services to see if some progress could be achieved and  a meeting was arranged for something like the 17 August but was postponed to 24 August.  This was now three weeks from the meeting with George Trevithick.  (It all adds up.)

When Adrian Greenhead turned up and Dave confirmed that he was, as George had presented, the Head of Services for Sumshire, Adrian corrected Dave and clarified his position as Head of Teenage Services for a part of Sumshire.  A subtle deception had apparently been performed.  In the meeting Adrian took notes and eventually concluded that he could start by looking into the 5 points he had jotted down.  Dave made it very clear that although all those points were important and needed further investigation they were only a subset of the complaint and the other matters would need addressing too.  Adrian assured Dave he understood that and said he would get in touch within 10 days.

Dave was a little concerned that he had used an example of prejudice in the discussion and had exclaimed "If someone calls me a black bastard, for example..." and it may have upset George and/or Adrian so, wracked with guilt, he emailed them both to apologise for the strong language.  Adrian's reply seemed a little pompous especially given that he is supposed to be the Head of Teenage Services.  One might imagine that he were a little more familiar with strong language.  George's reply was far more human and refreshingly predictable from him given that he seems a perceptive and compassionate person.

Dave's email to Adrian 25/08/2011
Adrian's reply 26/08/2011
Dave's email to George 29/08/2011
George's reply 31/08/2011

Dave waited ... and waited ... and waited.  Ten working days came and went, then another five and another and another.  Could this really be happening?  What is wrong with these people?  The whole of September passed by and Dave was fed up.  Over the weekend he composed a letter to George expressing his dismay and requesting a response from Adrian and for George to initiate a Stage 2 Independent Investigation.  He also wrote to Simon Marcombe MP enclosing a copy of that letter.

Dave's letter to George 02/10/2011
Dave's letter to Simon Marcombe MP 02/10/2011

Dave wrote the letters over the weekend and posted them on Sunday 2 October 2011.  On the following Monday he received a letter from the local MP, Simon Marcombe (the postmark, which is illustrated in the scanned image, was Friday 30 September 2011), with a letter from Ronald Taylor (the Director of Children's Services) regarding progress and the pursuits of Adrian Greenhead.  This letter was dated 16 September and clearly states that the expectation is that they will report to Mr Hook in the next 10 days (which would make it 26 September (or 30 September if one assumes "working days")).

The letter from Simon Marcombe dated 27/09/2011 (and containing the letter from Ronald Taylor)

What is so ridiculous about this is that Adrian assured Dave he would respond within 10 days.  If this were an official Stage 1 complaint the statutory guidelines for the Social Services are very clear that 10 (working) days is mandatory.  But on the 16 September the Director of Children's Services for all of Sumshire is writing to the local MP saying they are confident they will respond "within the next 10 days".  But the 16 September is already 9 days late (or 7 working days).  This is pure incompetence and if they think it is reasonable it is pure insanity.

To add to the profound incompetence, not only did Dave receive the forwarded letter on Monday 3 October but he had heard nothing from Adrian Greenhead.  Adrian should have communicated with Dave (according to the illegitimately revised schedule) by 30 September!

It seems the post takes a while to travel in this county because eventually (in reply to Dave's letter of 2 October 2011) on Thursday 13 October, Dave received an email from George stating that he would initiate a Stage 2 Investigation "next week" (Why not this week?)

Email from George Trevithick 13/10/2011

Dave was contacted by a complaints officer and a meeting was scheduled with the complaints officer (Mark Hughes), an independent observer (Lucille LeSueur) and Dave for Wednesday 26 October.  Sometime later Mark Hughes rescheduled the meeting (because Lucile was unavailable) for the following Wednesday (2 November).

The meeting occurred.  Dave was not entirely satisfied by the meeting.  There was too much discussion around minutia and deviation to flesh out some of the issues.  Dave felt that the complaint as a whole had not really been grasped.  It was strange that neither the complaints officer or the independent observer had been furnished with the most significant documents and amazingly they had neither seen, nor knew of, the 20 page complaint dated 13 July 2011.  But Dave felt that in spite of the unpreparedness of the parties in the meeting and the unfocused nature of the discussions that overall a good start had been made.  Following the meeting Dave emailed Mark Hughes with copies of his letter of 22 October 2010 to Obelix Mahjong and his 20 page complaint of 13 July 2011.  He also included links to all the other relevant documents on the internet.

Email to Mark Hughes 02/11/2011

Then, on 3 November 2011, Dave received a mysterious letter from Simon Marcombe MP (dated 31 October 2011) with an enclosed letter from Ronald Taylor (the Director of Children's Services).  What was amazing about this was what Ronald Taylor was telling Simon Marcombe.  Ronald Taylor refers to a letter to Simon Marcombe dated 9 September 2011.  It seems that Simon Marcombe forwards all communications from Ronald to Dave.  But Dave has no letter from Ronald dated 9 September so what is that about?  One might assume it is a mistake and he means the letter dated 16 September.  Obviously that point should be clarified.  In the letter he also states that "We have now responded to each of these points in a letter to Mr Hook." (The 'points' being listed in the letter.)  But Dave has not had any letter from them.  Nor has he had a forwarded letter addressing those points from Simon Marcombe.  But, in the letter dated 16 September from Ronald to Simon, Ronald states "we do anticipate being in a position to respond to Mr Hook within the next 10 days, and would be happy to copy you into any response we send to him."  If Ronald had written to Dave he would, therefore, have sent a copy to Simon and Simon has not forwarded any letter with that content.  So it seems that there is a lot of fiction being generated.  These fictions are generally referred to in the English language as lies.  Admittedly some might be 'mistakes' but stating that certain things have happened when you are an authority and you do not know that they have happened is a serious dereliction of duty if not an overtly intentional lie.

Mysterious letter from local MP 31/10/2011

Dave decided that although Simon Marcombe MP is a busy man it was appropriate to keep him informed of the deception being acted out under his nose.

Dave's letter to Simon Marcombe MP 07/11/2011

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