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Children Services Abuse:
Proof of delivery of the respose to the Stage 2 Report.
30 March 2012
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Dave is getting used to the appalling behaviour of these self appointed "professionals" in the Children Services and so has to send documents by recorded delivery as proof they have been received.  Dave wrote an extensive response to the Stage 2 Independent Investigation Report and posted it on 27 March 2012.  The document was delivered and signed for on Friday 30 March 2012.  According to the statutory guidelines they have two days to respond.  They have NEVER ONCE responded on time yet so I expect they won't this time.

(Dave did cut and paste the previous message from the Post Office web site which said "Item AI[ddddddddd]GB was posted at [xx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxx] on 27/03/12 and is being progressed through our network for delivery." and it is interesting that when they give you the message that it has been delivered they conveniently drop the postal date because this was second class and should have arrived on 29 March.)

But here is the proof of delivery!

Proof of delivery screenshot

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