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Children Services Abuse:
Phone call from the Complaints Officer 27/07/2011
28 July 2011
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George Trevithick is the Complaints Officer named on the Children Services Complaints Procedure document and seems to be the man at the top.  On Wednesday 27 July 2011 at precisely 13:48 hrs Dave received a phone call.  It was George Trevithick.  He said he had received Dave's complaint and didn't know why it had not been given to him earlier.  He suggested a meeting at Dave's house the following Tuesday at 13:00 hrs.  Dave agreed and that was that.

Dave wondered if this could have anything to do with the five letters written to MPs (the Prime Minister, the Home Secretary, Graham Stuart MP, John Hemming MP and Simon Marcombe MP).  Maybe it was prompted by the enormous complaint lodged with the General Social Care Council (GSCC) against the three social workers, Obelix Mahjong, Damon Markham and Petra Brookson, and the Sumshire County Council as their employer.  Of course probability strongly favours the notion that some or all of these prompted the call and the desire to deal with the issue swiftly.  It seems such a pity that the Children Services couldn't have acted in a similarly responsible and courteous way in the first place.  But so be it.  The whole affair wouldn't exist if they had acted reasonably to start with.

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