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Children Services Abuse:
Letter to Government Ombudsman 29/05/2011
29 May 2011
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Having still not heard from the Complaints Department after nearly four weeks and two follow up phone calls Dave is beginning to think that if each stage of the complaint procedure is dealt with in this manner he might get a resolution by the time he is 101. So he decides to write to the Local Government Ombudsman.

80 Haslet Road – Biston - Sumshire – AZ1 1ZA
Telephone: 01234 567890 - Email:
Local Government Ombudsman
Bevelling House
Tenderton Road
29 May 2011

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to you in the hope that something might get resolved.  The issue revolves mainly  around the Children Services in Biston.  I am seriously shocked and disturbed by their behaviour.  Apart from the less easily quantifiable emotional and psychological damage done they have also caused very real detrimental consequences to both Helen, who is my daughter, and me.

On 7 September 2010 the Children Services visited Helen and me in the Biston Hospital on account of a rather sordid report from an officious and unkind nurse.  Consequently they did an Initial Assessment and delivered it to Helen.  This document was unbelievably appalling.  They concluded that a Core Assessment was required.  I raised my concerns with Obelix Mahjong who was conducting these reports and she discarded some of the issues and to postpone dealing with other issues she suggested I put them in writing.  I did (in a letter dated 22 October 2010) and they were entirely ignored.  The Core Assessment procedure was explained and the meetings were not carried out as prescribed.  After I turned up for an arranged meeting which didn't happen I was upset and concerned so I wrote to the Manger on 25 October 2010 outlining my concerns.  The silence was stunning.  Having heard nothing from them for over two months I wrote to the manager Damon Markham again on 7 February 2011 pointing out my concern at their complete lack of communication.  I got a rather dismissive response (dated 22 February 2011) which although it made a token acknowledgment of one error it essentially asserted that everything I had said was a fiction.  But what had happened to the Core Assessment that they deemed necessary?  So I wrote again on 28 February 2011 basically posing this question and reminding him of the outstanding complaint.  With a token apology he sent what appears to be a hastily concocted, supposedly confidential, Core Assessment Report notably to the wrong person.

So I decided to complain again.  On 3 April 2011 I wrote to Damon Markham explaining that I would have to take this matter forward.  I then wrote to the Complaints Officer in Chainton on 18 April.  Although the protocol states that they will reply in 2 days I have still heard nothing from them.  I phoned them at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday 12 May 2011 and spoke to a lady called Tracy who said they had received my letter on 3 May 2011.  She was surprised no one had contacted me and assured me someone would in a day or two.  A week passed and at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday 19 May I phoned again.  I spoke to the same lady who expressed concern that no one had contacted me and assured me she would speak to the relevant person and someone would get back to me.  I have heard nothing from them.

We appear to be being stone-walled all the way back from 22 October 2010 except for one rather short interlude attempting to cover their behinds.  Current day count = 219.

To start with the complaint was about the prejudicial nature of the Initial Assessment Report but I cannot believe what has happened since then.  The discourtesy alone would warrant a serious complaint and compensation but this whole affair is riddled with deception, lies, prejudice, rudeness, breaches of confidentiality, failures of mandatory protocol, failure to complete legally required actions, and it goes on.  What is one to do?

It has now become a far greater issue for me because if this is what academics call the creeping normalcy of abuse the implication is that they think it is alright to conduct their affairs in this way.  It begs the question as to how the Children Services in general are routinely treating their other victims.  It might just be that their abusive methods are successful in them keeping the department running and collecting their wages which, incidentally, are paid for by the hard pressed people of this country via taxes.

There are two significant issues here:
1.  The appalling experience that we have suffered at their hands and the damage it has caused in addition to the absence of any help.  All paid for by tax payers.
2.  The rather unbelievable mode of operation and the handling of this escalating complaint.

I have made this letter as brief as possible in order to alert you to what is going on.  To get the facts of the whole affair you will have to read the content of the letters and reports.  Until this issue arose I would have said that a government organisation would not be so silly as to hide documents but their behaviour to date raises serious concerns as to the lengths to which they might go to hide their errors.  In case the Children Services try to hide documents from you they are all available, suitably redacted, at for your perusal.

I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely

Dave Hook

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