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Children Services Abuse:
Documents copied to Ombudsman 16 July 2011
16 July 2011
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Dave received a phone call around the 8 July 2011 from the Ombudsman's office.  It was a lady by the name of Rosemary Thyme who explained that Wallace Filbert was on sick leave and she was taking charge of the case.  This is the first person in this whole affair that Dave has encountered who, at least on the surface, appears to be human.  She expressed interest in the case and said she had read a lot of the material on the web site.  She also explained a lot about what the Ombudsman can and can't do.  Rosemary requested that Dave send copies of various letters to her for the file and so he produced the following letter with all the various documents listed and sent them to her.

80 Haslet Road – Biston - Sumshire – AZ1 1ZA
Telephone: 01234 567890 - Email:
FAO Rosemary Thyme
Customer Service Adviser
Local Government Ombudsman
Bevelling House
Tenderton Road
16 July 2011

Your ref: 12 345 678

Dear Rosemary Thyme

Thank you for your telephone call on what I think was Friday 8 July informing me that you were taking over this complaint from Wallace Filbert.  I also appreciated your interest and helpful information.  With respect to my letter to your department, and specifically for the attention of Wallace Filbert, dated 26 June 2011 I am fully satisfied that it has been addressed in its entirety by the conversation we had on the phone and all questions satisfactorily answered.

You asked for some copies of previous communications with the Children Services.  I enclose copies of all the relevant documents.

1.  My first response to that Initial Assessment dated 6 October 2010.
2.  My outline of my concerns as requested by Obelix Mahjong dated 22 October 2010.
3.  My letter to the manager stating my concerns dated 25 October 2010.
4.  My letter wondering what was going on dated 7 February 2011.
5.  Damon Markham's response including Complaints Procedure dated 22 February 2011.
6.  My letter expressing dismay and more dated 28 February 2011.
7.  Damon Markham sends 'Core Report' with curt letter dated 14 March 2011.
8.  My response and last letter to Damon Markham dated 3 April 2011.
9.  My first letter to the 'Complaints Officer' dated 18 April 2011.
10.  Finally after being nudged by the Ombudsman I get a reply dated 30 June 2011.
11.  My letter and 20 page complaint dated 13 July 2011.

Thank you for your interest in this matter and I guess I wait and see what their next response is.

Yours sincerely

Dave Hook

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