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Children Services Abuse:
Letter to the local MP 21/07/2011
21 July 2011
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Obviously at this stage it is appropriate to write to the local MP.  Dave includes him in his first assault on the Children Services via members of parliament.  One wonders where Dave might go next.

Dave received a supportive reply about three weeks later.

80 Haslet Road – Biston - Sumshire – AZ1 1ZA
Telephone: 01234 567890 - Email:
Simon Marcombe MP
61 Main Bevel East
21 July 2011

Dear Simon Marcombe

Having browsed your commendable web site I notice you rate family life as personally important.  So do I.  I also found the following statement "If, on the other hand , there has been an unnecessary delay, or if some essential procedure has been missed out, ie if there has been maladministration, your MP may be able to take your case to the Ombudsman. They are sometimes able to resolve such cases where there has been administrative incompetence. The Ombudsman can only be approached via your MP, you cannot approach them directly."  Oops.  I have already been in touch with the Ombudsman but I will leave that subject for another time.  I think my case is pertinent in this instance.

I wish to bring to your attention the conduct and attitude of the Children Services in Biston in Sumshire.  They have acted in a way that is stunningly unprofessional and significantly detrimental to us.  I suspect they have broken the law in several respects.  I cannot find resolution through their Statutory Complaints Procedure because they are refusing to operate it in any meaningful sense.  I am writing to you to seek your assistance and to keep you informed of the actual state of affairs on the ground.  Ultimately it is your concern how the Social Services operate in this county.  The Children Services in Biston are behaving in a way that strongly suggests it is a cultural mode of action.

We are a single parent and single child family.  We were 'investigated' by the Children Services on the basis of some insidious false accusations and innuendo by a nurse in the local hospital (a formal complaint is being handled responsibly by them at the moment).  They conducted an Initial Assessment and produced a report which was overtly prejudicial, divisive and negative.  It was not carried out in the statutory time as stipulated by the Home Office's Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families, section 3.9.  They concluded that my daughter was "...a child in need as defined in the Children Act 1989." and "A child in need whose vulnerability is such that they are unlikely to reach or maintain a satisfactory level of health or development without the provision of services ".  I would agree with both those conclusions.

They then proceeded with a Core Assessment.  This was a catastrophic farce.  Obelix Mahjong, the social worker conducting the assessment, acted unprofessionally and when I complained about the prejudicial nature of the Initial Assessment she simply terminated any further contact with us.  The schedule of meetings was abandoned with no explanation.  When I complained to Damon Markham, the Principle Practitioner, there was no response.  When I complained again some months later expressing some concern over the 'terminated' Core Assessment I received a hastily concocted fake Core Assessment Report in an attempt to hide any failure on their part.  This Core Assessment Report conveniently 'concluded' that the conclusion of the Initial Assessment was no longer valid.  Needless to say this was unsatisfactory in the extreme and so I complained to their Complaints Department.  This got no response.  I eventually complained to the Ombudsman and with a nudge from them I got an unsatisfactory response from Petra Brookson of their complaints department essentially colluding with the falsifications being presented to me.  I then complained again in detail and have received no response.  All the information relating to this case is available, duly redacted, at and the myriad of errors are delineated specifically in the latest complaint at .

The actions of the Children Services Directorate in Biston have caused us significant distress and damage.  My daughter has not been able to attend college since this assault and I have become ill.  So the net result is no help and some harm.

In addition there are now at least two official documents on an official computer system which are evidently erroneous in many respects and I can get nothing done about this.  It seems, as far as they are concerned, that to simply ostracise us and to carry on as usual is satisfactory.  This behaviour seems more characteristic of the cultural attitude of Colonel Gaddafi's security forces than a benign government institution in the UK.

Over the past few years there seems to be an escalating concern over the operation of the Children Services and the manner in which they conduct themselves.  My experience to date is distressing in the extreme and quite shocking.  In October 2007 Tim Loughton MP, Shadow Minister for Children, produced a report entitled "No More Blame Game – The Future for Children's Social Workers" as part of the Conservative Party Commission on Social Workers.  I agree with the majority of this report but the title is referring to the blame attitude applied to the Children Services.  A prerequisite of achieving the report's goals is that the Children Services are neither playing the 'blame game' towards their clients nor acting in a blameable manner.  Neither of which have been achieved in this case.

I am concerned not only for our own situation which needs a resolution but there seems to be a bigger issue because they are acting in a way that strongly suggests it is their normal mode of operation and they are used to getting away with it in general.

I hope that this is of some interest and concern to you and I would very much appreciate your personal intervention in this matter.

Yours sincerely

Dave Hook

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