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Children Services Abuse:
Letter to the local MP 11/12/2011
12 December 2011
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In response to Simon Marcombe's letter of 5 December 2011 and the enclosed letter from the Head of Services dated 4 October 2011 Dave writes to Simon Marcombe MP, the Director of Children's Services (Ronald Taylor) and the Head of Teenage Services (Adrian Greenhead).

This is the letter to Simon Marcombe MP.  See also the letter to Ronald Taylor and the letter to Adrian Greenhead.

Dave knows that the local MP is getting fed up being piggy in the middle and having letters between Dave and the Children Services bounced backwards and forwards off him.  So Dave writes this letter making it clear that he understands and the barrage of mail can stop for the time being.

80 Haslet Road – Biston - Sumshire – AZ1 1ZA
Telephone: 01234 567890 - Email:

Simon Marcombe MP
61 Main Bevel East
11 December 2011

Dear Simon Marcombe

Thank you for your assistance.  Your involvement clearly encouraged the Children Services to begin complying with their statutory obligations.

The details, minutia and bickering are not your concern and the fact that there is now a complaint in process is quite an achievement.  I will continue to follow the correct procedures and if the Sumshire County Council attempt to avoid their responsibilities again and repeatedly fail in their legal obligations, leaving me no option, I will get back to you.  Thank you again for your kind intervention.

Wishing you and your family a peaceful and revitalising Christmas
Yours sincerely

Dave Hook

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