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Children Services Abuse:
Letter to the local MP 07/11/2011
10 November 2011
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Dave is incredulous at the sloppy inaccuracies and the apparent attempt to deceive the local MP. He writes to Simon Marcombe suggesting that something appears to be wrong. He points out that the letter from the Director of Children's Services is inaccurate to say the least and tantamount to deliberate deception.

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Simon Marcombe MP
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7 November 2011

Dear Simon Marcombe

I am very sorry to be troubling you like this but the complexity and confusion is still escalating.

In a letter to you dated 16 September 2011 Ronald Taylor (Director of Children's Services) states "we do anticipate being in a position to respond to Mr Hook within the next 10 days, and would be happy to copy you into any response we send to him."  Incidentally, as he writes, the 'response' is already 9 days late from the statutory 10 working days specified in their "How to make a comment or complaint - Help us to help you." document and the expressed intent of Adrian Greenhead following the meeting of 2 August 2011.  This is in addition to the fact that at this point they are 65 days late dealing with the major complaint (dated 13/07/2011) and 326 days late dealing with the original complaint (dated 25/10/2010).

In a letter to you dated 26 October 2011 (yes! - a month late) Ronald Taylor refers to a letter he wrote to you dated 9 September 2011;  Incidentally you did not forward that communication to me.  He reasserts a massaged interpretation of the meeting of 2 August 2011 but that is not important here and he states "we have written to Mr. Hook and responded to his concerns".  Given his statement to "copy you into any response" I assume you will have a copy of that response.  Nothing of that nature has arrived here and so I wonder if you could possibly send me a copy of that response as I would be interested in its content.

I am quite happy to accept some ordinary human errors in normal circumstances.  However, when a person in authority is dealing specifically with a complex issue it is their responsibility to ensure that the facts they assert are correct.  The danger with being sloppy and making casual erroneous factual statements is that they are in danger of being perceived as indulging in deliberate deception.

Yours sincerely

Dave Hook

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