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Children Services Abuse:
Letter to Complaints Manager 02/10/2011
9 November 2011
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Dave reached another end of a tether.  He was somewhat upset that yet another attempt at a Stage 1 complaint had completely evaporated, disappeared, dematerialised - vamoosh!

He decided to write to the Complaints Manager, George Trevithick, pointing out the sinister and terrifying reality behind the illusory facade of the Children Services.  He adds that the cultural irresponsibility of the Social Services emerging from the abyss reveals the whole edifice as a charade.  He also sends a copy of the letter to the local MP, Simon Marcombe, who was effectively being duped by these clowns.

80 Haslet Road – Biston - Sumshire – AZ1 1ZA
Telephone: 01234 567890 - Email:
George Trevithick
Complaints Manager
Plantation House
Plantation Street
2 October 2011

Copy to Simon Marcombe

Dear George
It is with some dismay that I write this letter to you.  I am now stumped.  I no longer know what to do.  I am shocked to the core.  I am uncharacteristically lost for words.

But I will try to overcome my speechlessness and I will attempt to put some words together which fairly and correctly convey my perspective at this time.

Broadly speaking there is an acceptance of a common morality in this country.  Lies and abuse are not really a very good idea and are not openly acceptable.  Arbitrarily shooting people and putting nail bombs in crowded places are frowned upon too.  Running riot, burning shops and looting seem, from recent events, unacceptable ways to carry on.  There is a kind of consensus that folk who do nasty things should, at the very least, be apprehended and prevented from continuing to perpetrate pain and devastation on others.  We have a general belief that folk in responsible positions should act responsibly.

Something is profoundly wrong here.  If the legitimacy of the powers that be relies on the validity of the purported values and those values are flouted and ignored when it has no direct benefit for the hierarchy, then the whole edifice is a charade and the hidden truth is a sinister and terrifying reality behind the illusory facade.  It becomes clear that the pretence of a fair and benign Social Service is little more than a self serving sycophantic quango kowtowing to their masters to maintain the malicious power-mongers at the top.  This is mafia in disguise.

One year ago we were maliciously assaulted by hospital staff and the Children Services.  Neither myself nor my daughter took any offensive action against anyone.  We are simply broken by the culture and my daughter became ill.  That was tempting enough for the dogs of war to set about us.  The fact that we were not meaty enough to be worth the effort was simply unfortunate for them.  The Children Services couldn't steal my daughter for money because she was too old.  There was no crime that they could accuse us of to employ more legal beagles and to gain brownie points on their computerised records to justify their continuing soak on the tax payer.  So they left, presumably in search of juicier prey, arbitrarily kicking us in the head as they went.  (I am speaking metaphorically lest there be any misunderstanding.)

In a very civilised manner I complained.  But it appears the complaints mechanism is more bureaucratic charade.  If this were a farce my gullibility would be laughable.  Why should I imagine that hundreds of civil servants are paid lots of money doing studies and writing up statutory guidelines for the legitimate behaviour of the official bodies such as the Social Services and that there is ever any intention of abiding by them?  Why should I not realise that it is all just part of the tar that makes the system impenetrable?  It seems to have no other function.

It would be self defeating to suggest that individuals should act independently to defend themselves from the illegitimate actions of official bodies.  It would be ridiculous, let alone impractical, to expect me to go into their offices and to locate the offending documents and destroy them.  It is generally accepted that this approach would not lead to a better situation.  In fact the legitimacy of the official bodies is based upon the premise that they act according to the agreed rules and laws.  So when they act inappropriately and break those rules and laws the 'civilised' thing to do is to follow correct procedure to put things right.

So why am I following the rules and the 'system' is laughing in my face?  Nobody is doing anything about it.  I write.  I wait.  I write again.  I wait.  I write again and I get fobbed off.  I write again and get ignored.  I write to an ombudsman and get given the run around.  I write again and they nudge someone who ignores me some more.  I write again and am fobbed off.  I write to the Prime Minister, the Home Secretary, the local MP, Graham Stuart MP and John Hemming MP.  I complain to the GSCC who seem to be playing the same game.  I complain to the hospital trust who sent me a token response but are now way overdue a reply.  And you get involved.  For a moment there is a spark of distracting interest and concern and ... and ... nothing.

So how does Simon Marcombe MP feel about them ignoring him.  He is supposed to be in a position of influence and he specifically requested a "full investigation".  On past record, without this letter, nothing more would happen.  This seems shockingly deliberate.  Is there no one who works for the Social Services, the Children Services, the County Council, the Complaints Department, the Hospital Trust or the GSCC who is in any way sincerely concerned with the reasonable behaviour of our society.  Is absolutely every one so wrapped up in their own little world of looking after their job and avoiding 'teacher' that they really don't give a damn about the consequences of the organisation they work for.  Are they all wilfully malicious?

Upset though I am I do not believe that all these people are simply wilfully malicious.  But there is a very serious state of affairs emerging from the abyss.  What this complaint is revealing is the cultural irresponsibility of the Social Services.  There are two illegitimate documents held on the ICS.  They must be removed.  There are lies, offenses and damage which must be addressed.  But the Social Services seem to think it is normal and acceptable to ignore any legitimate complaint.  The only response I have had to date, of any substance, has been to fob me off on the assumption that I couldn't prove they did anything wrong.  So they comply with a fraction of the statutory guidelines and respond simply to tell me they are right.  In other words the complaints procedure is only used when it maintains the illusion of the justification for their existence.  But it has no other functional purpose it seems.  It is, in fact, a deliberate deception designed as a firewall.  The complaints system is designed to protect them from complaints and to allow them more room to act with impunity in their unholy activities.  What else is one supposed to conclude?

However, for all my expressed despair and frustration I will not give up.  I will maintain my hope in humanity and I will continue to pursue this complaint to a satisfactory conclusion.  I will continue to believe that most of the people in these organisations do actually care.  I will work on the assumption that the one thing that stops most of them doing the right thing at the right time is that we live in a punitive culture and they are simply afraid.  I will continue to knock at the door until someone eventually realises that something has to be done.

So could you please ask Adrian Greenhead to submit whatever he has to date as his 'report' immediately.  Given that the statutory guidelines suggest 10 working days for a Stage 1 complaint his report is now unacceptable anyway.  We had a meeting on the 24 August and he expressed his intention to reply within a fortnight.  Although this was an attempt to avoid a Stage 2 complaint and, as such, was regarded as a repeated attempt at a Stage 1 complaint, it is still reasonable that he should correspond within a fortnight or "10 working days".  As it happens he has not even communicated any delay or difficulty and has certainly not kept me informed of developments to date.  I know that he was on a weeks holiday and ironically, although he expressed that he had someone else working on the issue in his absence, even if one allowed a personal absence to count he would still be 11 working days past the deadline.  That's over a fortnight past an extended deadline!

Could you please initiate a Stage 2 Independent Investigation into this matter immediately.

Yours sincerely

Dave Hook

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