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Children Services Abuse:
Letter to the GSCC 19/02/2012
19 February 2012
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It is a cause of constant consternation to Dave that these "official" bodies behave in such a lax and irresponsible fashion.  In response to their letter of 16 February 2012 Dave writes this letter expressing his frustration as politely as he can.

It seems quite ridiculous to attempt to "maintain" professional standards when the time scale of any investigation is so out of proportion.  If there is a problem then it will never be dealt with in a timely fashion and any abuse simply continues whilst irresponsible people meander along keeping their jobs, collecting their salaries and feathering their retirement nest with fat pensions whilst pretending to be addressing the problem.  The deductive conclusion from the evidence is that these people are employed to keep themselves in work at anybody else's expense.

80 Haslet Road – Biston - Sumshire – AZ1 1ZA
Telephone: 01234 567890 - Email:
Stella Bartlett
Investigating Officer
General Social Care Council
21 Bloomsbury Street
19 February 2012

Dear Stella Bartlett

Thank you for your letter dated 16 February 2012.  I do appreciate your getting in touch.  It is more than the Children Services in Sumshire can do without severe encouragement.  Please feel free to browse the Children Services Abuse section on Toxic Drums ( for detailed records of our communications and their utter lack of professional competence.

However it is more than four months since the GSCC wrote to me on 13 October 2011 suggesting they were gathering "as much information as possible before writing the assessment report."  It is almost seven months since I submitted the complaint to the GSCC on 25 July 2011.  I hope you will understand my consternation at this significant and seemingly non-functional delay.  It is nearly one and a half years since this fiasco started and nobody seems willing to actually address the problem.

If it has taken the GSCC seven months simply to decide to investigate then the question I ask myself is: Will I still be alive when they conclude their investigation?  I am beginning to feel this is all just a game.  A game of fobbing me off endlessly.  It feels as if no one in a position of responsibility understands that there are reasons for professional standards and statutory rules.  It is as if they think they are there for fun.  But the truth is they are there because without adherence to them real tangible damage is caused to real people like myself and my daughter.

The trouble is that every day this travesty continues without resolution is another day that we are injured.  It has gone past the stage of possible real repair and is now only about damage limitation.  Time is critical.  So please could you keep me informed of progress at more sensible intervals.

Yours sincerely

Dave Hook

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