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Children Services Abuse:
Ombudsman will contact Council 10/06/2011
10 June 2011
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At last something seems to be moving.  It is a bit like trying to get a super tanker going.  You start the engines and wait for a week.  Then something moves.  So at least the Children Services will have to do something about a request from up the line so to speak.  Why they think they can get away with ignoring Dave I don't know.  The following email came with an attached pdf file; the content of which is illustrated below.

This is the content of the attached pdf file:

0123 456 7890

10 June 2011

Ms Dave Hook
80, Haslet Road

Our ref:       12 345 678

(Please quote our reference when contacting us and, if using email, please put the reference number in the email subject header)

Dear Ms Hook

Thank you for your complaint against Sumshire County Council.

From the information you have supplied, it is not clear whether your complaint has been through all stages of the Council’s complaints procedure. We are therefore asking officers at the Council if they have considered your complaint and, if so, to send us a copy of their response. We have asked them to supply this information within 10 working days, when we will write to you again to tell you what the next course of action will be.

We are doing this because, the law says that, before investigating a complaint, the Ombudsman must normally be satisfied that the Council knows about the complaint and has been given the opportunity to investigate and reply. Usually, a complaint needs to have been through the whole of the Council’s complaints procedure before the Ombudsman will consider it.

At this stage we do not require any further information from you. We will contact you again once we have received a response from the Council.

Yours sincerely

Wallace Filbert
Customer Service Adviser

Local Government Ombudsman
PO Box 1234
T: 012 3456 7890
F: 012 3456 7890
DX:DX 012345 Oustring 6
Advice Team: 0123 456 7890

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