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Children Services Abuse:
Email from DfE 15/09/2011
15 September 2011
List of 5 letters to MPs

Eventually there is some response to the letter sent to the Prime Minister.  It is a little worrying that it takes them so long to deal with their paperwork.  It is also a little disturbing that the Prime Minister's office couldn't be bothered to reply but simply sent the letter to another department.  Whether it was the Prime Minister's office that took so long to deal with the letter or the Department for Education is unknown but since the DfE responded to the letter forwarded from the Home Secretary back at the beginning of August the suspicion is that the PM's office has only just got round to forwarding the letter to the DfE.

All that aside they have nothing to say except that they have nothing to say really.  They also included an attachment which was the previous email they had sent to Dave.

List of 5 letters to MPs

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