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Children Services Abuse:
The Deceptive Note from Obelix 07/10/2010
19 November 2011
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This note was casually delivered on 7 October 2010.  See below for the explanation of the web of deception it began to revealed.

Deceptive Note

On 7 October 2010 this hand written note by Obelix Mahjong was popped through the door of Dave Hook's abode.  On the surface it seems an innocent enough note and, at the time, that is what Dave thought it was.  But as the trail of deception, subterfuge and abuse developed this note became evidence of a web of deception and a sequence of lies.  Dave did eventually contact the police records department and confirmed that there had indeed been an incident which could have caused Obelix's delay but there are two things about this note that are significant.
1.  Obelix writes as if she is on her own.  It is not conclusive in its own right but it is suggestive.
2.  She states she could not get Mr Hook's attention.

There is a very loud door bell at Dave's house and Dave and Helen were both waiting for Obelix's arrival especially since Dave had just been on the phone to Obelix and she stated that she was just setting out on the 15 minute journey to his house.  They were waiting for the door bell to ring.  But instead Dave eventually found this note when he went out to see if there was any sign of Obelix.  So, without doubt the door bell was not used.  And, to confirm that, Obelix later said to Dave that there was no door bell or at least she couldn't find it.  (See the pictures of the front door to see if you can find the door bell!)

Obelix had previously explained to Dave that a scheduled meeting with Helen on 5 October could not simply have the agenda changed to be a joint meeting because Obelix was required to have her colleague Cathy with her when doing joint meetings.  She also clarified that this was not a requirement when she was meeting with Helen alone.  So Cathy was not booked or available for the meeting on the 5 October and so it could not be a joint meeting.  This meeting, on the 7 October, was a joint meeting and therefore required Cathy to be there.  Someone had used the door bell on 23 September 2010 when Obelix and Cathy turned up to deliver the Initial Assessment.  If on 7 October Obelix didn't know there was a door bell then obviously Cathy must have used it on 23 September.  So Cathy could not have been with Obelix on 7 October.  It seems Obelix was not intending to have a joint meeting at all.  She simply sneaked in with a note claiming she could not get Dave's attention.

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