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Children Services Abuse:
20 Page Complaint 13/07/2011
14 July 2011
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Dave appears to go ballistic.  He writes a reply explaining that the response of 30 June 2011 is not acceptable.  He then goes on to delineate a host of problems encountered with the Children Services in a 20 page complaint document!

On doing some research I find that the law states clearly in the Children Act 2004, Section 10, Part 3: In making arrangements under this section a children’s services authority in England must have regard to the importance of parents and other persons caring for children in improving the well-being of children.  An interesting thought.

80 Haslet Road – Biston - Sumshire – AZ1 1ZA
Telephone: 01234 567890 - Email:
Complaints Officer
Children Services Directorate
County Hall
Main Street
Biston, AZ1 1ZA
13 July 2011

Dear Sir/Madam

I have received a letter from Petra Brookson dated 30 June 2011.  It is not an acceptable response.

In essence it simply picks on three issues which the writer thinks they can "explain" and obfuscates the whole complaint by talking in detail about those selected issues.  It in no way addresses the main substance of my complaints and ironically the points she made are suspect or wrong in themselves.

What we seem to have is a situation where I am complaining about serious offences committed by the Children Services against us and I am ignored.  Only after repeated attempts to communicate with them do they fob me off.  Further attempts to complain are ignored.  Over 7 months later I finally complain to the Ombudsman and eventually Children Services respond to the Ombudsman's involvement by sending me this rather offensive and otherwise meaningless letter.  It seems clear that they are only interested in getting themselves off the hook and have no intention of actually dealing with the matters in hand.

This is irresponsible and cruel behaviour.  It is a dereliction of duty and is in direct contravention of the legal guidelines set out in law by the government.  It is ironic that it comes from the official organisation tasked with stopping the abuse of children.

Children Services have been abusive to my daughter and me and I want the abuse recognised and acknowledged.  I want issues that can be fixed to be fixed and compensation for the damage which can never be undone.

Children Services did not supply me with the Statutory Complaints Procedure as and when they were required to do so.  They ignored my first complaint for an inordinate length of time and finally tried to shut me up with an abrupt and insensitive fob off.  Only when I pointed out that they were in breach of their own procedures did they concoct a seemingly fake Core Assessment and send it to the wrong person.  Then they ignored my repeated complaints until the Ombudsman was involved.

I was supplied with a copy of the Statutory Complaints Procedure only when I asked and months after the time Children Services were obliged to provide it.  Even with that in hand the Children Services could not follow their own mandatory guidelines.  It is now insulting, damaging and unacceptable for me to be held to mandatory procedures when Children Services have wantonly ignored them.  However, in a spirit of trying to get this complaint dealt with responsibly and on account of the fact that I have written 6 letters of complaint and had three unsatisfactory replies in 8 months, I propose that we try to put the complaint back on track with a Stage 3 Review Panel.  Can you do this immediately please?  My complaint is enclosed.

I respectfully request a response within 2 working days.  Your rules - not mine!  My complaint is enclosed.

Yours sincerely

Dave Hook

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This is an index of the main headings in the following complaint document:

Corrigendum: A few minor errors did appear in this document and it is worth noting them here although none are significantly consequential.
p.  5:  Under the heading "The lie about the door bell." in the first few sentences it refers to a card left on 21 September saying they would re-visit the next day.  The reference to the next day is a mistake and it should say two days later.  And the visit did occur two days later.  Just a slip in the brain as they were chronologically contiguous events.
p.  8:  Under the heading "Incorrect date of the only source of information." it states the error was "eleven months before this assessment".  It should say "thirteen months".
p.  9:  Under the heading "False hypothesis of separation anxiety claimed as fact." it begins "On page 6..." referring to the claim of separation anxiety and it should read "On page 3..."
p.  11:  Under the heading "A 'fake' Core Assessment Report." towards the end it refers to "my complaint dated 1 March 2011".  The date should be 28 February 2011.
p.  14:  The first line contains the phrase "in a position to educated her".  It should be "in a position to educate her".
p.  17:  The first line refers to a letter dated 8 February 2011.  It should read 7 February 2011.
p.  18:  Under the heading "Ignored complaint: number 4." it begins "On 30 February 2011...".  It should read "On 28 February 2011...".

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