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Children Services Abuse:
Children Services letter 22/02/2011
17 May 2011
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Having complained at their lack of response Dave received this strangely patronising and somewhat arrogant letter from the Children Services' Principal Practitioner.


Mr D Hook
80 Haslet Road

22nd February 2011
Damon Markham
Principle Practitioner
Children Services Directorate
County Hall
Main Street
Tel: (01234) 567890


Dear Mr Hook

I write in response to your letters raising issues in respect of the assessments undertaken in respect of your daughter Helen, and your subsequent letter highlight the fact that you have not received a response. My apologies for not responding earlier and as requested I have enclosed information in respect of the Complaints Procedure and the Access to Personal Records Procedure.

You raise a number of issues in respect of the content of the front page of the Initial Assessment. This largely summarises the concerns reported to Children's Services and sets the scene as to why there was a need for an Initial Assessment and accurately presents the information as it was passed to ourselves. I recognise your point in respect of Helen being "into witchcraft" and as it subsequently emerged she identifies herself as being Wiccan, which, as you say, is an entirely respectable religion.

The main thrust of your letter of 22nd October is that both the Health Service and Children's Services acted in a prejudicial manner towards you. I have re-read the Initial Assessment undertaken and, as I am sure you recognise, the nature of these is that these are assessments undertaken based on initial interviews with family members and information gathered from professionals. The main issues raised within the assessment is that there were concerns raised in respect of Helen's social isolation and that there is a risk that she would not achieve her potential in respect of academic achievement. I feel that these are legitimate concerns to raise in the circumstances and I do not see any evidence of prejudice towards either yourself or Helen. I understand that they may be individual phrases within the assessment that you may take issue with, but the phrasing reflects the analysis of the information gathered at that time.

In light of the concerns raised within the Initial Assessment it was considered that there was a need for a Core Assessment which ultimately considered that there was not a need for on-going Children's Services intervention.

As stated previously, I have enclosed leaflets in respect of the Complaints Procedure if you wish to pursue the matter further.

Yours sincerely

Damon Markham
Principal Practitioner

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