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Children Services Abuse:
The Arrival of the Children Services
8 May 2011
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On Monday 6 September 2010 Dave was sitting with Helen on the ward when a very large imposing lady and a younger blond and more attractive lady wearing dark rimmed glasses strolled across the ward heading for the pair of them.  "I expect you know what this is about." said the larger lady with a forced smile on her face.

They went on to explain that they had had a report filed about Dave and Helen and that they were here to investigate.  On the one hand this was almost as if someone had turned up to help.  As it transpired it was no such thing.  They first wanted to talk to Dave.  They said it wouldn't be long, about half an hour, and the three of them, the larger lady, Fi Prattle, the blond, Obelix Mahjong, and Dave went off to a private room.  Dave is prone to talking too much and the interview went on for over an hour and a half.  Dave reports that the larger lady, Fi Prattle, did all the questioning whilst Obelix took notes.  Fi wanted to know all about the history of the divorce, the court cases etc.  Fi regularly played devil's advocate by suggesting unsavoury things and raising her eyebrows and saying "I see." meaning "That's what you say."  She also suggested Helen had separation anxiety and that she was too dependent on Dave.  Dave explained that he could see how someone might suspect that without knowing Helen and went on to explain how it was not separation anxiety but rather a dependence on Dave to protect her from manipulative and controlling people.  This was due to her traumatic experience with her mother and then sadly reinforced by some possibly unwitting (put another way cruel and hypocritical) teachers.  Helen certainly did not suffer separation anxiety because she was more than happy to spend weeks away with her friends.  But evidently Fi had made her mind up what was 'wrong' with Helen.  About an hour into the interview Dave popped out to let Helen know that this was taking longer than expected and was accused of separation anxiety himself and over protection.  Dave puts it down to common politeness and respect and would treat anyone the same way.

Having concluded their interview with Dave they then wanted to speak with Helen.  They swapped over and Helen was in the interview room for at least one and a half hours.  Helen reported that they were friendly and she enjoyed the conversation.

They also requested of Dave that they could access reports and talk to people in their investigation and Dave was more than happy to agree to them talking to any one and looking at any previous reports.  They said they would investigate further and be in touch.

The next contact was when a card was dropped through the door on Tuesday 21 September 2010 stating that Obelix had tried to contact Dave but could not get his attention and she would return at a specified time on Thursday 23 September 2010.  On Thursday the doorbell rang some time after the allotted time and Obelix and a colleague, Cathy, were at the door.  It becomes significant later on that the doorbell was rung because there was evidently some deception going on.

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