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5 Letters to MPs 21 July 2011
21 July 2011
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Having delivered the 20 page complaint on Wednesday 13 July 2011 by hand Dave knew that the Complaints Department had received it there and then.  According to their statutory complaints procedure they must reply, with at least an acknowledgment of receipt, within 2 working days.  That is not approximately 2 working days, it is within 2 working days.  Therefore at worst they should have had a letter in the post on Friday and if the post wasn't working efficiently Dave might get a letter by Monday or Tuesday ... or Wednesday perhaps ... or maybe even Thursday.  But nothing arrived.

So on Thursday 21 July 2011 Dave decided to write to a few people:

  1. Letter to the Prime Minister
    1. Letter from the Prime Minister 30/08/2011
    2. Email from DfE 15/09/2011
  2. Letter to the Home Secretary
    1. Letter from the Home Secretary 26/07/2011
    2. Email from DfE 04/08/2011
  3. Letter to Graham Stuart MP
  4. Letter to John Hemming MP
  5. Letter to local MP Simon Marcombe
    1. Letter from Simon Marcombe 16/08/2011
    2. Another letter from Simon Marcombe 01/09/2011
    3. A third letter from Simon Marcombe 05/09/2011

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