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Child Terrorists in British Schools.

A headline in the Sunday Times announces:
Terror police to monitor nurseries for Islamic radicalisation
I would laugh except it is also serious.
One of the interesting things about terrorism is that both sides of the argument can be seen.  It is quite clear to any sensitive human that people getting blown up on underground trains is an unhappy and undesirable state of affairs.  Sploshette, brains on windows, limbs dislocated, bereaved parents, pain, suffering and ruined lives.  Hey - It's not good.
Then there are all the dreadful things going on around the world.  Billions starving to death, disease that could so easily be limited and cured, extreme poverty in rich cities with children being sold as slave prostitutes for a crust of bread.  And then there are the bankers and the bizarre television shows and consumer fog entertaining the masses so that they don't see what is going on.
The mega rich like the Queen of England, Osama Bin Laden, Bill Gates, the oil companies, the media moguls, the pharmaceutical bosses, the armaments industry, the oil magnets, the Bilderberg Group, the Venetian Black Nobility etc. continue to operate the world with a set of primitive paradigms that evidently render death and destruction on a massive scale.
There was a time when countries conveniently blamed other countries.  They still do but things are evolving.  There was a time when humans could identify their opponents by their geographical location.  They are bad, we are good, kind of stuff.  Uniforms help in the likes of the American Civil war too.  Grey is good Blue is bad or vice-versa.  But one thing any reasonably enquiring mind will soon discover is that there is a lot of the "six of one and half a dozen of the other" in war.  Let us suppose that humans (due possibly to their genetics) are similar in many respects.  If you put yourself in the other chaps shoes (to coin a phrase) it is often easy to see why they have the view they have.  But humans have this ability to objectify their fears and to interpret other people as embodying their demons.  So we have a history of Uncle Adolf, Sadam Husain, Pol Pot, Nicolae Ceausescu, Mao Zedong, Joseph Stalin, and the list goes on whilst we sit back with smug self righteousness imagining that the world's ills are manifest by these aberrant humans.
But we are beginning to realise that the real enemy is within.  We are our problem.  Initially humans had to deal with the difficulties of the physical world around them.  Then they had to deal with other humans.  Now we have to deal with ourselves.  World history is reflecting this and the whole concept of terrorism is the realisation that it is not where you live that makes the difference it is what you think.  So the likes of the UK and America, although they say the terrorists are "in Afghanistan" or "in Iran" or supported by Pakistan or aided by Palestine they also have this very real problem that there are people growing up in their own cities who are dedicated to stopping the insane destruction of the world by power mongers in the guise of capitalism, communism, Christianity, consumerism, or whatever device works for them.  There is a very real problem arising which threatens the status quo, such as it is, for the people with power and influence.
kerald: slaughter of the innocense It turns out that stabbing children is not a good sport.
Some time ago there was a rather undesirable character, on all accounts, called Mr Herod who thought that there might arise from the population a challenge to his comfort and power.  A neat little solution occurred to him.  Kill the children and then no one can grow up to dethrone him.  I know I am simplifying this but we do regard the biblical account of the slaughter of the innocents as a wholly unholy event.
Now the thing about good and evil people is that when we look into it we often find that evil people don't know what they are doing.  That bloke J. C. made some remark to this effect on his death bed (not that it was a bed but I digress).  So, with all the compassion in the world we can find that the bad people are really victims of their own fears and ignorance.  HOWEVER... Humanity has another new tool at its disposal.  It is called rational thinking.  Herod may have thought that he had to keep his position or the country would collapse in ruins and everybody's lives would suffer.  He might have thought that some evil individual might rise up and cause pain for everyone.  He may even have thought he was doing some good.  BUT he was quite capable of also noticing that killing children was a pretty dastardly thing to do.  The trick is to stop and think about it.  On all accounts Uncle Adolf wasn't too happy about the "final solution".  Apparently he reluctantly agreed.  What I would suggest is that he could have thought about it and decided that, in itself, it was not a good thing and he could have decided not to do it.
When the security forces are morally manipulating the teachers to keep an eye out for potential terrorists in primary school I think you have to ask the rational question "What the hell is going on?"
Do they understand the issue of racism?  Do they understand that if you treat people like they are stupid, criminal or sub human that the result is people act like that.  Have they seriously not understood that if you examine and probe little children to see if they might be potential terrorists that the real result will be a lot of paranoid adults who resent authority?  Are these people mad, ignorant, stupid or downright devious and manipulative?
Once things have sunk to the point that adults are examining their children with a watchful eye that they might be the "arch enemy" of society it is about time they stopped and gave it some thought.  They are becoming the very thing that they themselves are frightened of.  They are the oppressors and the controllers.  They are, by their own moral justification the very thing that they think they are standing against.
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