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Cheer me up!
This is the CHEER ME UP web page on Toxic Drums.
People sometimes need cheering up and Toxic Drums is a web site aimed at providing all sorts of stuff towards the happiness & well being of humanity at large.  So it seems like a good idea to include a "Cheer me up!" page for helping increase the cheeriness of all.
For example:
Can you see the giraffe in this picture?
cheer me up giraffe
You have to stare at it for a while before you can see it.
Incidentally, if you enjoy reading and can afford it I can highly recommend getting a Kindle.
If you like manga (the Japanese comic books) then you might love "One Piece" and I have a list of all the volumes to date on the One Piece manga series page.  You might be looking for light hearted  humour or you might be wanting something more.  I have made a cute animation of the Toxic Drums masquerading as Love Hearts which is a bit of fun and there is a whole list of places to buy chocolate, sweets & candy.  Sometimes I roam the internet looking for entertaining sites.  I find things like the "Sleep Talkin' Man" full of quotes from a sleep talking man by his wife.  And "post your own" sites like "LolCats" and "Epic Fail".  I have made a page listing all the funny sites I find which you might want to look at called "List of Amusing Web Sites".  I also come across a wide range of "interesting" pages ranging from political comments to weird art and stuffed toys to philosophy.  These pages have captured my imagination enough that I list them on a page I call SERENDIPITY.  You might want to take a chance with that and I also have a page of some of my favourite quotes.  There is also a very silly page full of shoes from and if you like sweets you might want to look at the page stuffed full of sweets - eye candy?  montezumas Chocolate is an anti-depressant and if you are a chocoholic DO NOT visit the Chocolate Trading Company because they have the most succulent, delicious, exotic and wonderful array of chocolate confectionary you could imagine.
There could be all sorts of reasons why you might want to be cheered up.  It may be because you are a bit bored or it might be something more serious.
Do email me [see: contact page] with any particular reason for wanting to be cheered up and I can then give it some thought and include suitable ideas and possible remedies for said condition.  It would be very interesting to find out if people arrive here because they are bored or because they are seriously worried about the state of planet Earth or the economy or depressed about their relationships or other devastating circumstances like debt.  I hope this page grows with really good ideas based on the responses of real people in the real world.  So do email me if you feel so inclined.

On to the subject of being cheered up!  
Freedom What gave me the idea for this page was the "Cheer me up!" page on the Zyra web site.  It cheered me up and is definitely worth a visit if you want a bit of cheeriness.  Zyra is an eccentric, eclectic, mad scientist and the web site is like a museum of weird and bizarre things.  You can roam Zyra's web site and learn how to drink liquid nitrogen or how to hypnotise a chicken.  You might want to know about the Hubble telescope or something more down to earth like Airships.  Whatever takes your interest there is a lot of stuff on Zyra's web site.
If you are bored there is always the "I am bored" website at which is full of a rich variety of things from beautiful pictures to mind numbingly boring games (which can be addictive when you are bored).  As an example of the weird stuff I can recommend the Chocolate Bunny Death video.  And if you like weird and slightly risqué bizarre humour there is always the zany  It depends on your own sense of humour but Llamas with Hats is a brilliant parody of petty oppression and Ferrets has got the cutest song in a Tom Lehrer - Poisoning Pigeons In The Park - kind of a way.
animated frog washing Buy at On a more serious note boredom is actually a form of distress.  To get a perspective on this consider all those relaxed lions dozing in the mid day sun on the African plains.  You won't see a bored one.  But in a zoo they can (unfortunately) sometimes be seen neurotically pacing backwards and forwards.  That is a bored lion.  When you are feeling bored it is usually because the natural activities that you want are not available as choices in your conscious mind.  You are in some sense caged.  The typical reason for this is that  you have been restricted in your past by figures of authority, your parents, your teachers, or other people looking after you.  See the educating children page for more about how we stifle our children.  It's called oppression and you learn to comply to stay safe and survive.  Eventually you are doing it to yourself without being conscious of it.  So it seems a mystery why you feel unhappy and stuck.  Although there is lots of literature on this subject and there is lots you can do to begin to un-repress yourself, in the short term a very good thing to do is to get outside and exercise.  Go for a walk or cycle.  This is both useful because it is healthy exercise and it generates all those hormones that make you feel good.  Eating healthy food like fresh fruit or juicing wheatgrass also helps.  See the looking after your body page.
If you are into computers, digital cameras, web cams, and techy things like that I have put together a page of computer stuff where you can roam various sites in a sort of cyber-space window shopping sort of way.  Kind of virtual retail therapy for computer geeks I guess.
You may have arrived at this page because you have just had some bad news and are sad.  If that is the case then you probably need two things.  The first is a sympathetic ear or shoulder to cry on.  The second is something to do that makes you feel good.  And you probably need them in that order.  Unfortunately the internet is not a good place for a sympathetic ear but what you can do is find web sites that express views and perspectives that echo your own feelings.  This is some way towards getting recognition of your feelings.  Doing something that normally makes you feel good is probably a good idea.  Sometimes when you are feeling down trying something that normally makes you feel good can have exactly the opposite effect.  But that can be the best thing.  If you are feeling down it is sometimes because you have trapped emotions.  If you provoke them and end up crying your eyes out this can be the very thing which allows you to recover and heal.  Then you can get on with feeling happy (the natural and desirable way to feel as a human being).

There are other entertaining pages on this web site like Do Aliens Wear Ties? and how to make money from thin air!  There's a page about the comedian Pat Condell, there's a page on typoglycemia (with free software) and the Many Shoes page if you like buying (or simply looking at) shoes. There are other pages like Educating Children with an inspiring talk by Sir Ken Robinson and more serious pages like I Blame The Parents with a revealing and thought provoking talk by Philip Zimbardo. So although this site is yet young do feel free to roam around and cheer yourself up.
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If you are seriously concerned with happiness and feel that it is sometimes, or even always, out of your reach then The Biology of Love by Arthur Janov is a book worth reading.  There will be more about counselling and therapeutic stuff as this web site develops and you are welcome to email me and ask if you want any ideas immediately.
Here is a list of some things people type into their browsotrons when they want cheering up:
And as a last comment:  Remember that happiness is a legitimate objective for a human being.

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