Strumpet City
By James Plunkett
  Book Review by The Mardy Bard  

One of the best socialist novels ever written.  You can buy this book by clicking on one of these links.  (US on the left and UK on the right)

An epic tale of love and resistance. Located in the Dublin of Larkin and Connolly, at the height of the Great Unrest, the story follows a ragbag of characters as they struggle to earn a crust, follow their princples, and follow their hearts in working-class Dublin. Vividly brought to life by a master story teller, this book is a must for anyone who wants to understand why working class people will endure privation for what they believe is right; who wants to understand why generations of ordinary Irish were prepared to risk life and limb for what they regarded as their right to self-determination; how it is that a priest-ridden society such as Ireland's can nevertheless throw off the time-serving bigotry of the comforters of the rich, and expose the real message of the carpenter-saviour. A wonderful, heart-warming, harrowing tale of what life was like for the poor in England's oldest colony, and how love could still blossom in the dunghill that was early 20th century Dublin, that "kip of a city".

If you want to understand how we can create a better world out of the shithole in which we live; if you want a note of hope that oppression does not necessarily blight the human spirit, that from the brute horror of exploitation can rise the will to resist and build a better world; this book is for you. One of the best socialist novels ever written. In fact, I reckon one of the best novels ever written. Period.

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