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The God Delusion

Review by Sam Spruce 
by Richard Dawkins

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This is an important book.  For thousands of years human cultures have had their religious paradigms.  Richard Dawkins addresses the fallacies of belief in a supernatural deity.  This book has been waiting to be written.  Richard Dawkins was the right person to write it.  Put like that it sounds amusingly like the idea that his hand was guided by God.  Perhaps it was.  Perhaps this is the sixth gospel!

Richard Dawkins is a biologist and a well known one.  He is methodical in his research and very well practised at questioning issues.  He is also in the lime light and has to be particularly careful about what he says.  His book "The God Delusion" is a carefully crafted, well researched, very thoughtful masterpiece.  It is so rich in content in both facts and ideas that it is one of those books that you simply can't put down.  Every page contains gems of wisdom or fascinating facts.  Every page flows effortlessly weaving together a clarity of insight totally absent in many other books.

What Richard Dawkins sets out to do is to look at the facts and the evidence about religion and religious beliefs.  He is particularly concerned with the three main religions of Judaism, Islam and Christianity which are dominating the political scene at the moment.  In particular he focuses on Christianity because he knows so much more about it.  He has carefully structured the book into sections and examines arguments for the existence of God, arguments against the existence of God, historical facts, historical fallacies, political use and abuse and the role of religion in education.

If you are a believer this book is an intelligent examination of the religious paradigms prevalent in society today.  You don't have to agree with everything Dawkins says but it will help clarify what is erroneous and what is reasonable.  If you are a havering atheist afraid or unable to be true to yourself because of peer pressure this book will clarify a wealth of facts, arguments, and ideas to help you become more clear about your ideas.  If you are a concerned citizen on earth this book gives an insight into what religions are about and brings hope that there are a lot of people who do not subscribe to the ridiculous and convoluted spaghetti nonsense of religious extremism.

But perhaps most importantly this book is an up front clear explanation of the perverted and damning lunacy of religious paradigms which are threatening the peaceful and constructive progress of humanity.

Believing in Father Christmas, the tooth fairy or God is perfectly acceptable for a human being.  But controlling, oppressing, deceiving and otherwise exclusively forcing your beliefs on other people is wholly unacceptable and should be resisted at almost any cost.

READ THIS BOOK. It is fun, educational, and important.

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