Blood of the Kevatha’dral

Review by Sam Spruce 
by Kiyoko Silvers
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Blood of the Kevatha’dral by Kiyoko Silvers
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Blood of the Kevatha’dral by Kiyoko Silvers
A teen fiction adventure of four princesses who are kidnapped by bandits, sold into slavery and captured by pirates.

Kiyoko Silvers has kindly provided the first two chapters as a preview for free.

I read this book even though it is not my genre, so to speak, but I had reason to read it. I was hooked by the first few chapters. The style is engaging and vibrant. I loved the authors ability to evoke so much more than was actually described. Take for example the two sentences "Leaping the last three steps, she stumbled a little on the smooth marble floor of the large entrance hall, but regained her balance with relative ease. Then she was off again, sprinting across the wide foyer and out through the huge front doors." You can almost see the elaborate decoration, the wealth, the pictures hanging on the walls and you can hear the echo of the opulent foyer. All this without mentioning one word of it. This is, surely, the hall mark of a good author.

So I continued reading. The story was fast paced, engaging, complex and full of suspense and anticipation. Kess, the protagonist in the story, or Princess Kesshi Faikana, Storm Maiden of Valgate, to use her proper title, is rebellious and adventurous. She is not a typical princess, to her mother's consternation, and when there is a royal wedding announced Kess is encouraged to get to know three other princesses; Jade (Crown Princess Jade Archimere of Osthaven), Alyss (Princess Alyss Hyllarowne, Beloved Moon of Aelbourne) and Miira (Princess Miirafey Lastelle Aiyen Iosylla Ettalnys de'Lyrin of Redwynne). They are out riding one day when they are ambushed by bandits and captured. The three other princesses (Jade, Alyss and Miira) are 'Princessy Princesses' and seriously out of their depth but Kess is totally in her element.

Kess is defiant and willing to fight to escape but the other three are too cultured and naive to cope and are not only easy victims for their captors but a serious hindrance to Kess' attempts to escape. Their story cascades from one devastating encounter to another and they all have their own issues to deal with and resolve. The character development and evolution is convincing and moving. Without risking spoilers all I can really say is that this book is gripping from beginning to end and is not only adventurous but insightful and revealing too.

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

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