A Brief History of Time:

From the Big Bang to Black Holes.
Review by Sam Spruce 
by Stephen Hawking

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This is a brilliant explanation of the Big Bang theory by the man who invented it. ¬†Stephen Hawking has an incredible capacity for explaining the most complex theory in an easy to understand way.

Stephen Hawking has written a book which is arguably a mandatory book for any non-specialist wishing to get a grasp of modern physics.  It's more than just physics though because it gives clear insight into the subtleties of our conceptual understanding.  Steven Hawking has achieved quite incredible comprehension of the origins of the Universe and is rightly famous for that.  He is best known for his Big Bang theory.  But in this book he excels at something else.  He can explain his understanding to anyone.

This is the mark of someone who really understands their subject and of someone who's understanding is accurate and valuable.  You couldn't ask for a better or clearer introduction to Einstein's relativity, black holes, gravity, warped space-time, and a host of modern issues in physics.  This book will probably go down in history as one of the first books written by an expert for public consumption.  Fortunately the trend is continuing.  I would recommend this book to anyone interested in thinking about the universe and where it all comes from.

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