Warrior Cats The New Prophecy
Books 7 to 12 in the Warrior Cats series.
By Erin Hunter
  Book Review by Elvira Atsuko  
Warrior Cats: The New Prophecy ( by Erin Hunter is outshone by the first six in the series but still well written and moving.  This series is definately worth reading.  You can buy these books by clicking on the links. (see bottom of page for USA purchase)
7: Midnight • 8: Moonrise • 9: Dawn • 10: Starlight • 11: Twilight • 12: Sunset

Warrior Cats: the New Prophecy, is the collective name given to the books 7 to 12 in the Warrior Cats series. It takes place a good while after the end of the last book in The Original Prophecy, and features Firestar's kits, along with the kits of the other characters from The Original Prophecy.  This time, the danger is not from other cats, but from two-legs, or in other words, humans.  The forest is going to be torn down, and there is nothing the clans can do to stop them, so StarClan, the spirits of cats who have died, sends four cats, one from each clan, to find a new place for the clans to live.  They share many adventures on the way, but they're not the only ones facing dangers.  Their clans must wait for their return while the two-legs begin to tear down their home.  Even when they discover a new home, there is still the difficult of convincing the clans to move, and then getting them there.  After all that, they will finally be safe in their new home, but still, there are more problems they must overcome.

This continuation was exceedingly well writing and well paced.  The plot was intriguing and twisting, with enough flair to make a truly interesting read.  It's a little disorientating at first, trying to get used to the sudden time jump and all the new characters, but they are well described, consistent, believable characters.  The time jump may not have been the wises choice Erin Hunter has made, as it seemed to sat the series apart more, and make it feel less like part of the warriors series.  Though the setting, the balance of the story, and the style of writing are all the same, and it is a well written book, it feels forced, like too much of a good thing.

Personally, I was disappointed.  Though the plot is extraordinary, and some of the scenes are heart-breaking, hilarious, or ones that will make you cry with pride, there was something just off about it.  The older character seemed either too changed and developed, or not developed enough, and this made it harder to read.  I would not rate this series as highly as The Original Prophecy, but it’s still most definitely worth a read.

Star rating: *****
Out of ten: 9/10

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