Book 1 of: Warrior Cats
The New Prophecy

By Erin Hunter
  Book Review by Elvira Atsuko  

Midnight is the first book in the series Warrior Cats: The New Prophecy by Erin Hunter.  You can buy this book by clicking on one of these links.  (US on the left and UK on the right)

Midnight is set many moons after the end of “The Original Prophecy”. Firestar and Sandstorm have two kits; Leafpaw and Squirrelpaw. These two sisters share a special connection and quite a bit of the story focuses on it. But the New prophecy doesn’t actually refer to either sister till later on in the story. The first prophecy of “The new Prophecy” is not given to either Cinderpelt or Firestar, but to a young warrior named Brambleclaw. He receives a dream in which the old ThunderClan leader, Bluestar, tells him that he must meet with four other cats at the new moon and listen to what midnight tells them. He discovers, eventually, that the Prophecy refers to cats from other clans and Brambleclaw meets Feathertail, the daughter of Greystripe and Silverstream, and her brother Stonefur, who tagged along, Crowpaw, a violent and aggressive apprentice from WindClan, and his own sister, Tawnypelt meet at Fourtrees. Squirrelpaw had followed Brambleclaw from camp and eventually Brambleclaw gives in and tells her about everything. But at midnight nothing happens. Later on, Brambleclaw has a dream where he is drowning in salty water that has only one bank, and when Ravenpaw comes to visit ThunderClan, he tells Brambleclaw that the sun-drown place is very real. Thus their adventure begins.

This book gripped me from the first page. It was kind of hard to get to grips with all the name changes and new members of ThunderClan, but despite that I found it an intriguing opening to what promises to be another spectacularly written series. It mainly focuses on the next generation after Firestar, with his and Sandstorm’s kits, as well as Greystripe’s kits and Tigerstar’s kits. Though I know some people who were disappointed with this change of focus, I’m happy that we get to see other cats prove their worth. We learn more about the mysteries of StarClan in this book; like what happens at the monthly gathering of medicine cats, and how they choose who will carry out their prophecies.

Anyone who hasn’t read the first series probably should as there are a lot of references to what happened in those six books. Anyone who has will love this new series just as much as, if not more than, the original series.

Star rating: *****
Out of ten: 9/10

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