The Titans Curse 

Book 3 in the series: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Review by Elvira Atsuko 
by Rick Riordan

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In this book, the third in the "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" series, Percy, Annabeth, and the newly resurrected Thalia go to Westover Military School to help Grover protect two half-bloods, Bianca and Nico de Angelo from a monster.  The monster, a Manticore, almost over powers them, but they are saved by "The Hunters", Artemis's team of immortal maiden huntresses.  The Manticore manages to capture Annabeth and disappears.  Bianca decided to join Artemis's Hunters, and Artemis goes off alone to hunt a certain monster, leaving her lieutenant, Zoë, in charge.  Apollo gives both the Hunters and the Half-bloods a lift back to camp.

Both Percy and Zoë have a dream, Percy dreams of Annabeth in danger, Zoë dreams of Artemis who is also in danger.  And then the Oracle does the unthinkable and leaves the attic to deliver a prophecy that sends five people, Percy, Thalia, Zoë, Grover and Bianca, all the way to San Francisco, which is "right there", according to Annabeth.

This is a brilliant book. Gut wrenchingly scary, tear jerking, and hilariously funny.  The writing style is perfect for the book as it keeps you directly in touch with the main characters emotions.  The story line is incredibly well written, the twists and turns in the plot were diverse and gripping.

The only downside I can see is that they shouldn't keep us waiting for the next one.

Star Rating: *****
Out of Ten: 10/10

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