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Bloated Dinosaurs.
13 June 2012

Are fat dinosaurs safe to eat?

Bernard Matthews make turkey dinosaurs and you can buy them in a BIG VALUE PACK with ten whole dinosaurs inside.  I bought three packs a couple of weeks ago from TESCO and popped them in the freezer.

We ate one pack and I went to open a second pack only to find the bag was like a balloon.  It was all bloated and a little taut.  The third pack was fine and so I opened that one and we are currently eating our way through them.

Here are two photos of the dubious packet.  The pictures was taken on 9 June 2012.  Below them is a close up of the BEST BEFORE END date which is June 2013.

Bernard Matthews bloated Turkey Dinosaurs Bernard Matthews bloated Turkey Dinosaurs

Bernard Matthews bloated Turkey Dinosaurs BEST BEFORE date

Without a doubt there is something amiss with this pack of Dinosaurs.  It is only a couple of weeks old and there is clearly some activity going on inside which is producing gas.  The bag was not bloated when I put it in the freezer and I would have noticed if it were.  The good news is that the bag is obviously sealed securely because it is holding the gas inside.  It would not be bloated if it were leaking and that could be a little dangerous because you would not know something was wrong.  The bad news is that the most likely cause of the bloating is a colony of bacteria hard at work consuming the dinosaurs.  Since this is pre-cooked meat and you only really heat it up in the oven it could cause a nasty case of food poisoning if you didn't know something was wrong.

I am going to contact Bernard Matthews to ask them for their opinion and advice on this matter and I will let you know what they say.  In the mean time if you encounter any bloated dinosaurs do not eat them but do let Bernard know.  In fact if you ever encounter any bloated food package including bloated tins do not eat the content as it is most likely contaminated with unfriendly bacteria.

I phoned Bernard Matthews on 01603 872611 at 12:51 (BST) on 14 June 2012 and a very nice lady in the customer support department took all the details and my name and address.  She wanted the BEST BEFORE DATE and the code which I could get from this web page but she needed the bar code number too.  I went to fetch the offending bag of dinosaurs and read the bar code to her which, for the record, was 5010236115435.  The lady said they would be in touch in a day or so and advised me to dispose of the bag of dinosaurs.  The call lasted until 12:58 hrs.  I took the following two pictures before disposing of the package.

Bernard Matthews bloated Turkey Dinosaurs Bernard Matthews bloated Turkey Dinosaurs

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