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 Arthur Smith

arthur smith A VERY grumpy old man is Arthur Smith.  According to his web site ( he is very poor and in need of help.  I suspect the latter is true.  His web site is a slightly amusing "small" web site written on a small piece of scrap paper.  There's not much there either.  However, if he is poor now (2009) it is likely he will be getting something towards his pension (if he lives long enough) from his new book called "My Name is Daphne Fairfax: A Memoir".  He should, of course, get lots of money because he is funny and relevant.

He decided to become a stand up comic in 1981 after seeing Alexei Sayle at the Comic Strip in London.  He phoned the Comedy Store and got a spot there which went off like a damp squib.  Things did improve and as well as gigging all around the comedy circuit at the time with other comedians like Rik Mayall and Nigel Planer he also did a lot of comparing and regularly attends the Edinburgh Festival.  He is perhaps best known for his part in "Grumpy Old Men" which was a popular TV show.  He is a columnist for The Stage and was famously accused of being a "...ten second comedian!" by Billy Connolly.  Arthur (real name Brian!) used to open his stand up gigs saying "My name is Arthur Smith, unless there's anybody here from the Streatham tax office in which case I'm Daphne Fairfax."  Well you can find out who the real Daphne Fairfax is here --> Daphne Fairfax.  This explains the title of his new book "My Name is Daphne Fairfax: A Memoir".  His "memoirs" are worth reading and are full of gut wrenching humour and some very moving parts.  To buy it from Amazon UK click here --> My Name is Daphne Fairfax: A MemoirMy Name is Daphne Fairfax UK (to buy it in the US click here --> My Name is Daphne FairfaxMy Name is Daphne Fairfax USA).

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