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Arbitrary Art
There are so many things going on in the world and so much amazing art.  I keep coming across stuff and then losing it.  So this page is dedicated to some of those bits of random art found on the internet which are worth keeping in a kind of virtual scrap book.  This is a serendipitous page in it's own right.  You might want to check out the Toxic Drums Art Gallery too.
All the images on this page are borrowed without the artists permission (unless stated otherwise).  Where possible they are properly credited and the source is linked.  The idea is that this is really a free advert for the artist and the work.  If anyone objects please let me know and I will quite happily remove the offending image.  They are only here because I like them and think they are worth sharing with lots of people.

pasta hotline by sharad haksar
Pasta Hotline by Sharad Haksar

Sharad is one of India's leading photographers.  When he was "38 he founded One Eyeland, the world's first community for creative photographers".  One Eyeland is worth a visit and is full of beautiful and inspiring photography.

pasta hotline by sharad haksar
Cheese Room 1999 Installation by Cosimo Cavallaro

Cosimo Cavallaro is a Canadian who lives in New York and is the son of Italian immigrants. His work is varied in style and medium and he has worked a lot with food including tomato ketchup, candy, ham and chocolate. His Chocolate Jesus caused a lot of controversy in New York in 2007.

larry kagan taking aim
Larry Kagan: (Taking Aim 2002)

A sculptor of shadows.  As he says "In a way, they're not really drawing about shadow; they're really about encrypting form and information, in a new way of capturing and storing information."  The pictures here illustrate the wire (which is the smoke from the gun) and when lit (click the "Turn Light ON" button below) the gun is manifest by the shadow of the smoke.  Conceptually brilliant.  His web site is

sharks teeth close up
sharks teeth full view
Chris Jordan

God's Teeth! Er... Sharks teeth actually. The picture on the right is made up of 270,000 fossilized shark teeth (detailed on the left) which is equal to the estimated number of sharks killed around the world every day for their fins. This is just one example of the prolific Seattle photographer Chris Jordan. His web site is definitely worth at least half an hour's browsing. It is thought provoking and mind shifting. (Also see the Albatross video on his blog).

Sofia des Forges Alice Gone Wrong
Liz Blunsdon Keyz Freak
Liz Blunsdon

Liz Blunsdon is a photographer with a bewitching style.  The alchemy of contemporary gothic, new age and avant guard generate images which entrance and disturb.  Excerpts here from Alice Gone Wrong and freaks for The Keyz Music Video "Don't Let Go".  You can see more of her work on Liz Blunsdon Photography on bookface.

Ricky Swallow Killing Time
Ricky Swallow The Exact Dimensions of Staying Behind
Ricky Swallow

Ricky Swallow is an Australian born artist living in California.  The collection of weird and incongruous wood carvings and other art are like a dream in their slightly surreal and disconnected way.  Like a dream their juxtaposition gives rise to elusive new meaning and significance.  Ricky Swallow's web site had to be placed here because once seen the images will never quite go away.

Shown here are a detail from "Killing Time" (carved from Jelutong and Maple) and "The Exact Dimensions of Staying Behind" (carved from English Limewood).

Hell Fire
Hellfire & Brimstone

Olivier Grunewald's photographs of the sulphur mine in the Kawah Ijen volcano in East Java by moonlight are awesome and stunning.  The savage beauty of this hell hole is inspiring on many levels from the hardship of the miners to the surreal beauty of nature.  30 of his photographs can be seen at The Big Picture on

Cristobal Vila Nature by Numbers
Cristobal Vila Snakes the Movie
Cristóbal Vila

Cristóbal Vila is a Spanish artist working, amongst other things, in 3D illustration and animation.  He has a studio called Etérea and there are a few of his shorts (animation shorts not Bermuda) available to view on the internet.  His work is complex and beautiful.  The two animations featured here are:
NATUE BY NUMBERS: A beautiful and revealing animation about the numbers in nature.
SNAKES, THE MOVIE: An animated film based on a woodcut by MC Escher.

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