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In the attempt to make web sites more lucrative to owners Google has come up with their AdSense facility. The basic idea is simple. You place text content on your web page and add Google AdSense code. Google analyses the content of the page and serves up what it estimates is relevant adverts from it's customers. If the viewer of the web page clicks on the adverts then the owner of the web page gets a teeny-weeny bit of dosh. The idea being that with enough ads the web site owner gets some contribution towards the running cost of their site.
From the financial point of view I doubt that there is a great deal of revenue to be earned through this mechanism. However, if the web site is of interest to the viewer (and they won't stay long if it isn't) then I suspect there is a real benefit to the viewer because they do get the opportunity to check out other information that they might feel is more relevant or possibly exactly what they are looking for. The cost to the viewer, of course, is nil.
As a demonstration of how this works I have written a philosophical piece called lizards and lorries just to see how the AdSense responds to that!
[I have continued this experiment on a second page to see what difference it makes to the "targetted" ads... click  HERE  for the next page.]
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