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Google AdSense adverts not showing up.
12 April 2011
Here is one of those really bizarre things that happen with computing.  Specifically it involves web pages and Google AdSense.  AdSense are those annoying Google adverts that are so common all over the internet.  Now I use Google AdSense because it does make a bit of drip feed money.  It doesn't make a huge amount unless you have thousands and thousands of visitors.  But in the case of Toxic Drums it makes a few extra quid a month.  It is the pay per click model as opposed to the pay per sale model.  With most of the other adverts on this web site they only pay if someone buys something from the merchant but with Google AdSense there is a bidding mechanism where each click renders anything from one penny to one pound or more.
So I put some Google AdSense adverts on the page Merry-go-round Disasters.  One set at the top and one set at the bottom.  I uploaded the page and checked it.  No AdSense adverts!  There was a space where they should go, but no adverts.  That seemed very odd because when I checked it locally the adverts appeared.  So I went back and checked it locally.  The Google AdSense adverts were there.  Something fishy going on here.
Well in order not to bore you with the details I meticulously checked everything.  I couldn't find a problem with the code.  I am really meticulous and at one stage I decided to use a test page and named it merry-go-round-disasters1.html.  This is the same name as the original but with the additional characters 1 added to the page name.  First I got rid of the Google Analytics Code.  That is some code you can put in your web page for Google to log the most amazing array of details about visits from the country of origin to length of time the page is opened.  And I uploaded it and tested it.  The adverts were there.  So I put the code back.  The adverts were still there.  Hang on.  I hadn't tested it with the Google Analytics code to start with.  Never mind.  This page, as an exact copy of the original, produced adverts.  So I deleted the original on the web server and, on the web server, I renamed the merry-go-round-disasters1.html page back to merry-go-round-disasters.html and tested it.  NO ADVERTS!
I have now completed a number of tests on different computers and I get consistent results where if the page is named merry-go-round-disasters.html no adverts appear.  I cannot imagine what is going on.  It leads me to think Google has some conflict with the name or something.  Possibly there was once a page somewhere else called merry-go-round-disasters.html and it is blacklisted or something.  Anyway for completeness I have left the file merry-go-round-disasters1.html on the server so I can test it from other locations and at other times.
You can test it too:
First check merry-go-round-disasters.html
then check merry-go-round-disasters1.html
and see if the adverts appear on one and not the other.
If you have any similar experience or can shed any light on this I would love to know.  You could email me from the contacts page to let me know if you can see the adverts or not.  I am bewildered.
STOP PRESS: How weird! The merry-go-round-disasters1.html page stopped showing adverts soon after I put it up. I am going to leave this until someone gets back to me with any info.
STOP PRESS AGAIN: I think I have finally worked out what was going on.  Google sometimes takes a long time to diagnose the page so that it knows what adverts to target it with.  A day after I had torn all my hair out adverts began appearing on both the pages.  Pity there were no adverts for hair restorer!  On the subject of hair restorer you can get all sorts of supplements to that end from Holland & Barrett or other health stores.  Some say magnetic therapy works but I think it is more likely to affect your brain.

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