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World Land Trust

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Support the World Land Trust:
Save tropical forests and other threatened wildlife habitats.

If you have ever wondered what you can do to help save the rainforests or other vital terrain or if you want to protect particular species like the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda then the World Land Trust might have the answer for you.

The WLT basically purchases land for local non-government organisations for the protection of the ecosystem and the wildlife.  As Sir David Attenborough says " will not save those endangered species unless you save the whole ecosystem.  And to save an ecosystem you need to save the land.  That is what WLT’s project partner NGOs do.  By protecting whole ecosystems, they not only protect the mammals that everyone knows, but protect the smallest insects and plants, many of which haven’t even been discovered."

By 2009 the World Land Trust had purchased over 400,000 acres of rainforest and other threatened wildlife habitats worldwide.

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