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How to get a working capital advance when you need it.

There are many different financial packages with all sorts of different arrangements.  Some are good for one purpose and no good for others.  Here is a way of getting working capital fast and unsecured and you pay the money back as you make it.  It's a simple and obvious idea and it works extremely well for some people.  In fact WorkingCapital4u say that over 85% of their eligible merchants renew the contract.  This suggests that for those people for whom this is a good way of raising capital it works so well that they do it again and again.

In simple terms you borrow a sum from them and they arrange to take a percentage of your credit card sales as they happen.  This arrangement is fixed until the loan is paid off.  So it you have a slow month you pay a little back and if you have a really good month you pay more back.  There is no hassle with paperwork because they do it through the transaction process.

There are a few requirements like they want 12 months of merchant summary statements, there must be an average of at least £3,500 card sales per month, you must have at least a year remaining on your lease and be in good standing with your card processor.  Given that you meet these requirements they will consider you for a cash advance and you commit to paying them a small percentage of your card sales.

WorkingCapital4U big banner
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