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Have you written your will?

It's something that many people leave to the last moment - but all too often that is too late.  You need to assure that in the unfortunate event of your death your belongings are distributed the way you want.  Getting around to finding a solicitor and making an appointment and doing all that work to get the thing properly sorted is sometimes to much to deal with at the moment. is a brilliant idea set up by Matt Walkden (who is a Member of the Society of Will Writers) to help make the process so much easier.  By creating a questionnaire to get all the necessary information and then getting you to specify your requirements will then get your will written by a professional Will Writer and present the final draft to you for your comments, questions or approval.  When you are satisfied they will do all the work of printing it, binding it, and delivering it to you.  All of this cuts out the third party solicitors, cuts out the hassle of appointments, and generally produces a fine and authentic legal document at the best possible price for the least amount of hassle. joint will big banner single will big banner
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