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UseNeXT offers a 14 day FREE trial of their Usenet services, a 24/7 interactive support hotline, a wide selection of Usenet software for free and a variety of packages to exactly suit your requirements.

What is Usenet?  Chip Salzenberg has written a knowledgeable description at entitled What is Usenet?

I looked into this company and what I found was worrying.  There are a lot of complaints about the company on the internet complaining about what they call "The UseNeXT SCAM".  I roam the internet gleaning information about all sorts of things.  Sometimes I feel like a cybercitizen, an ethereal personality having an unreal experience in a virtual universe.  But I think a lot and my brain has some very efficient and peculiar wiring.

To start with we (the human race) profess to be trying to live together symbiotically and cooperatively.  In fact many humans attempt to go much further and wish to define themselves as benign and even altruistic.  Now I don't mind the Pope wrapping himself in a psychological cloak of conscious benevolence if that is what he wants.  But according to my observations of reality, and the observations of other eminent figures like Sigmund Freud, if the illusion isn't mapped directly to reality then a corresponding opposite exists to balance the whole.  Put another way the Pope needs to "project" the unacceptable qualities outside of himself in order to maintain his conscious perception of himself as all that is good.  Consequently he sees the world as full of sinners.  His mind is content with this because he doesn't hate them, in fact he is so nice he feels sorry for them.  This "real world" (from which I began) has strange qualities;  For the balance to be maintained the falsified "pleasure" that the Pope experiences is offset by the pain projected onto other people.  So unfortunately the Pope cannot falsify his existence without reality (other people) picking up the offset pain.  The simple logical corollary is that the Pope actually causes pain by his illegitimate activities.  If you doubt this consider the temptation of Christ in the desert;  Satan offered him power and dominion over all earthly kingdoms.  Then take a look at the Pope and ask yourself if perhaps he is in a disproportionate position of power and "dominion" for a truly benign "Christ like" figure.  In fact it doesn't take a gymnastic effort to see the Pope as exactly what Satan was offering Christ.

But all that aside my point is this:  If some people are benefitting illegitimately then there will be an equal and opposite amount of suffering;  This is the Universe out of balance.  In business there is a good adage that says "A good deal is good for BOTH parties."  Now it "appears" a lot of people have been upset by UseNeXT.  They seem to feel they are being duped by the free fortnight (two weeks for US English speakers).  The explanation given is that UseNeXT take people's credit card details and make it difficult to cancel before the two week period is up.  Also there are a number of people who say that having cancelled the subscription within the two week period they then got on with their life, forgetting all about UseNeXT when, two years later, right out of the blue, they get a bill for two years subscription.  If this were true and unaddressed then it would be malicious.  If these complaints were untrue or had been satisfactorily addressed and corrected then UseNeXT would correspondingly benefit in their position on the other side of the equation.  It seems to me there is a perfectly satisfactory alternative anyway.  You could be offered two weeks free with no strings attached.  So UseNeXT simply terminate your account after 2 weeks.  If you want to continue the service you simply have to request it.  Then UseNeXT have it in writing that you want the service.  Simples!  The default is then on the right side of the equation.

It appears also that many people are more than satisfied with UseNeXT.  For example one happy customer wrote:

"Let me just say that I've used UseNext for several years now and had NO PROBLEMS whatsoever from the service and can only vouch for how good they are with speeds I'm getting well into my maximum of 20 mb/s on the connection and this is also useing SSL.
The software they use is GREAT and easy to use, you dont need a newsreader or other bits of software either as its all in one with UseNext incl a chatroom and forums.
I also saw many bad reviews at the time I started my membership saying its a scam etc but I dont always take others words for it because you have to 'test' the water and make your own mind .. glad I did.
For me the number one problem folk have with UseNext and why all this scam crap has surfaced is because the billing system isnt 100% perfect regarding credit card transactions ... I have always used PayPal with UseNext and this is no hastle at all because I SANCTION when the payment is made, so nothing is credited until I say so and this also means that until I do this I cant use my UseNext acocunt either, so I'm not useing credit I havent paid for ... do you understand me here?"

So here is my challenge to you.  Since UseNeXT could be genuine and friendly it is quite a reasonable proposition that they pay me £9 if you take up their offer of a two week free trial period.  Therefore you go to their web site, apply for the FREE two weeks, cancel your subscription and pay nothing.  If you have a problem you report back here and I will publish the number of £9 I have received and the number of complaints.  This way the world will be able to see that UseNeXT is not scamming the public, that they have lots of satisfied customers and this will counter all those horrid reports with their unfair claims about UseNeXT.  It will also serve to counter the bad reputation some people are generating and will improve the reputation for UseNeXT.  The Universe will be back in balance - well - that bit of it!

 Go take the UseNeXT Challenge! 

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The World    UseNeXT is based in Germany but operates global.

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